Forcing My Hand...

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Scene One
Just A Rat In A Cage

"Clang... Clang... Clang..." echoes as the screen comes to life. It was the sound of steel slamming against steel. The sound of gears and mechanisms turning and locking into place. Each 'Clang' followed by the tumbling of locks and the sound of what seems to be keys jingling. A single, solitary set of footsteps can be heard; clapping with each step on what must have been a cement floor. The sound of a nightstick rattling against the cell bars echo almost as bad as the hard soles of his boots. The picture begins to clear up and we get a look at guard. Dressed in his uniform and with a disgruntled look on his face- every time he passes a cell he tell them "Lights out for cell block A!"... he travels a few more steps and shouts "Lights out in cell block B" and again as he says this, the light above the cell goes out and the path behind him grows darker. "Lights out in cell block C!" he shouts, a smug grin crossing his face- clearly enjoying the power he has over these so called criminals.

You could see various inmates in their bunks, glaring in the direction of the guard as he passed them. There was no question about it, this asshole really seemed to enjoy his job. Oppressing those society has deemed to be unfit for decent human interaction. Several of the inmates had felt the business end of the nightstick and not too many were eager to test their luck again. The guard stops walking and calls out "Cell block D!... lights out!" and so they were, the whole inmate portion of the prison now as dark as night; well... all except one light. The camera man waited for the security guard to leave Cell Block D before it followed the path that was set before him by the officer. Meany of the prisoners perked up as the camera man passes them. Curiosity could be a VERY dangerous thing when you are in prison. So with sure footing the camera man passes those prisoners who looked at him with either hate... or love in their eyes. Whatever it was, the camera man wanted none of it as he headed faster and faster towards the only source of light that was left. Putting up his blinders to ignore the sneers or those who lick their lips and wink at him.

Picking up the pace the camera man starts to breath slightly heavier but soon enough... he reached his destination. A singly lit prison cell with only one inmate within. Sitting on the bottom bunk and dressed in his tank top and tattered jeans and jacket, his head lowered as if in prayer while resting his head on his fists and his elbows on his knees; Dean Ambrose looked rather disturbed. Well, more disturbed than usual. Despite hearing the echoing footsteps; he would have had to be an idiot not to hear it coming, Dean still didn't bother to look up. He kept his head bowed and he chewed his bottom lip like he had so much on his mind that it was hard to put it all into words. So- Dean just sat there momentarily, his upper body rocking forward and backwards ever so slightly; like it was more of a tick than a voluntary movement. A shaky and absentminded hand runs through his curly, dirty blonde locks as he draws in a deep breath and exhales. Choosing his words wisely as he prepares to speak. All while keeping his eyes fixed on the floor in front of him.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "You know... I'm not stupid. I hear every single ugly little word that comes dribbling out of their mouths. It's become a bit of a mantra actually. They go, show to show, singing it to me" Dean says to no one in particular. He keeps his eyes cast down towards his feet, casually swinging them so the tip topes of his boots drag slightly.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "Joe's Gonna' Kill You... Joe's Gonna' Kill You... Joe's Gonna' Kill You... " a slight shiver runs through Ambrose's body, slightly unnerving some of the viewers as his voice grows more ragged and fueled with more aggression every time he says the sing-song chant of Samoa Joe.

This time as Dean says it, still looking down, he punches himself in the face with his fist so it makes a smacking noise as he shouts.


He now jumps from the bottom bunk up to his feet. From within the jail, the sound of groaning and complaining inmates mixes with the faint hums of alarms. Some shouting 'shut the fuck up, fish!' or 'I swear to God, I'll kill ya for him!'. None of this seemed to phase Dean as he stalked around the cell for a moment, one time nearly blindly walking into the toilet and sink. He finally rounds back and faces the bars to where the camera man lingers on the other side.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "That is what he is going to have to do to make it out of this match in one piece. Nothing short of killing me. Because I promise you, AEW, if given the chance I'll do the same thing to him. Don't believe me? Go ask Global Championship Wrestling, or what's left of it. I'm sure you can find a few of them standing in line around here somewhere looking for a job! The Switchblades, we did that. We helped slay what was once a mighty empire. What was once a beacon in professional wrestling; me, Jeff Hardy, Sami Callihan and, and-" Dean lists off on his fingers while pacing from side to side. His eyes fixed on the camera. "And Jessicka Havok, we all saw it. We watched the whole place crumble into obscurity. Like the fall of Rome or, or that one city in England or whatever that caught fire and just burned and burned and burned; and that one asshole just played his violin and watched. That was us man! And don't think I am not about to do the same damn thing here if that is what it takes to put you down Joe! Because I will! I will! I'll do it!" Dean warns, now pointing a shaky finger into the cameras face.

Taking a step back, Dean extends his arms out with his best ‘come at me bro’ posture. A condescending sneer on his face and a bit of arrogance in his body language.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "You don't seem to understand what you are getting yourself into, Joe. Right now, wherever you are- I'm sure you're probably thinking that you got this match in the bag. No doubt patting yourself on the back with those hamburger hands of yours!- thinking that you've pulled a fast one on me! You think that just because this cage match of ours is gonna' be under 'Joe's Rules' that you somehow have an edge over me!? Is that what you think!? HUH!? Do you think that just because you get to tweak the stipulation a little that I'm now concerned or, or, or maybe unsure about our match!? I bet that's what's bouncing around in that thick coconut shaped head of yours Joe! You think... you got this... in the bag" he says the last few words slow and deliberate, making an attempt to regain some of that self control.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "But that's just it, Joe. Every time someone thinks they have me figured out, that they've got me pegged... I prove them wrong. Your boy, Roman Reigns... he thought he had a good idea about who I was. He thought that I was just going to be his sidekick, a God damned stepping stone who would give him a boost every time he couldn't reach those brass rings! Well guess what!? HE WAS WRONG ABOUT ME! ROMAN REIGNS HAD NO IDEA JUST WHO THE HELL IT IS THAT HE WAS DEALING WITH! AND HE PAID THE PRICE FOR HIS IGNORANCE! And believe me, Joe... the price isn't cheap" Ambrose snarls now, cracking his neck as he stalks around the cell again.

Again the inmates around him groaned and complained, but Dean didn't hear a word of it. He was in that dark place in his mind where no one could reach him. Noticing a bit of spit on his chin, he crudely wipes his mouth on the back of his hand as he turns to face the camera man again; the guy was feeling grateful that there were bars separating him from this wild animal known as Dean Ambrose. Those piercing eyes of Dean fixed right on him and his face contorted with hardly suppressed rage.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "So what you need to ask yourself, Joe, is just how much you are willing to pay. Are you willing to put your career on the line? How about your life? Huh? HOW ABOUT YOUR LIFE JOE!? ARE YOU PREPARED TO GIVE THAT UP!? HUH!? ARE YA'!?" as Dean shouts he grips the cell bars and even jumps up and puts his feet between the rails as he begins to shake them like an ape in the zoo.

Ambrose shakes the cell door violently, suspended by it as he leans in close and peers with one malicious eye between the bars while he shouts.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "BECAUSE I SURE AM! DO YOU HEAR ME, YA' BIG SON OF A BITCH!? I'M READY TO LOSE IT ALL!... And Joe, I am ready to kill to gain it all" he says in a shaky voice, now lowering himself from the prison cell door.

Dean Ambrose's heart seemed to race, you could tell from how heavy his breathing for and the way he snorted and snarled between his rants. Like it was taking everything he had not to rip down that door and go right after Samoa Joe. Why Dean was even in jail to begin with was still uncertain. There had been rumors that a celebration for the death of the Global Wrestling Federation had gotten out of hand and Dean was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dean being innocent? That was hard to believe. No, whatever Ambrose had done fans were sure he deserved to be in there. Just like they were sure that, for the safety of Samoa Joe and for others, that it was best that Dean stayed locked up until the pay per view. No doubt the AEW bookers already furious for having to come up with bail money just to keep the main event of their pay per view.

Dean rolled his neck and shoulders, now stripping off his leather jacket and tossing it back onto the bunk beside him as an involuntary shiver of aggression shot through him. Ambrose faced the camera again.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "This Sunday... I would like to dedicate this match to someone who is near and dear to my little black heart. I would like to dedicate this match to old Super Fly himself- because if nothing else, there is a asshole who really... REALLY... gets me. Here is a guy who wasn't afraid to take some nagging, annoying, interrupting BITCH BY THE HAIR AND BASH HER SKULL IN UNTIL HIS PROBLEMS WENT AWAY! HERE-... was a man who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty when the situation called for it. A man who could look every single fan in the eye and lie to them! Make them think he was some hero, some legend, when he was nothing more than a Samoan Scumbag! But see, I can respect that. I can respect that sometimes there are just some people who need to die, who don't deserve to share the same earth as me. Or breath the same air as me. Sometimes you just have to take those pains in your ass and bash their fuckin heads in! And that is what you are to me, Joe! Just some bitch in my life who really has it coming! Like some nagging insignificant other, every time I turn around there you are! In my face! In my face! IN... MY... FACE!" Dean shouts, spit flying at the camera again.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "YOU'RE ALWAYS THERE! JUST-... just waiting for your chance to use me like Roman Reigns did. Well I'm sorry, but it's not gonna' happen. Not this time. Because Roman, unlike you... he actually meant something to me. Not much, but something. He probably meant more to me than he did to you. Unlike you, I never slammed the door of brotherhood in his face. Unlike you, I never used his suffering or his loss as a means to get my own foot in the door. I never exploited the man; but you... hell, that's the whole reason why you are here, isn't it? Not to avenge a fallen friend of brother- but to take his spot. I created a cosmic void in the 'AEW Universe' when I dethroned the paper champion and now you, just like everyone else, you want to fill that spot! Even if it means flying the faults flag of friendship! Even if it means stepping over the broken and battered body of someone who only mattered to you once they had something you wanted! Ya know, Joe... I might be a killer; but you? You're just a coward! An opportunistic coward who hung low in the shadows and just waiting for someone to slip up so you could weasel your way in. Well, congratulations... you've gotten yourself in. But now- how do you think you're going to get yourself out again? How can you think you are just going to walk away from this? Do you think your little stipulation is going to save you? Give me a break. 'Joe's Rules'- like anyone even knows what that means" Dean sneers and shakes his head.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "What- what is it? Is the cage going to be made of bamboo? Oh wait- I know! How about there is a roasted pig on a stick at the top of the cage; and whoever climbs to the top has to eat the whole thing before being declared the winner? Does that sound good to you? A nice eating contest, I bet you could beat me with your hands tied behind your back! In fact... you'd probably prefer it that way. Hey, I don't know- these could be your rules Joe. But lets make one thing clear- unless it is a stuff your fat fuckin face contest; YOU'RE NOT GONNA' BEAT ME! IT JUST ISN'T GOING DOWN LIKE THAT!... do ya get me? I sure hope so, because I am getting real sick and tied of having to repeat myself" Ambrose says with a bit of an edge to his voice.

From down the hall one of the inmates shouts "We're sick of hearing it too, so shut the fuck up!" but Dean again ignores it. This wasn't about them or his incarceration for drunken and disorderly conduct. This was about World War Three and how these two men were walking willingly into it. Ambrose looked like a man possessed ad he glares into the camera. The hate for Samoa Joe just radiating from his very soul and mirrored on his face.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "At Redemption, the stipulation isn't going to matter. I've proven time and time again that I do not play by the rules of Attitude Era Wrestling... and I sure as hell won't be playing by yours. I told you, it doesn't matter what you think up; the fact that they are counting on you to think up ANYTHING just proves how little faith this company has in you. And how desperate they are to see you beat me. So come on, come at me. Show me the best that you got. Because frankly, I don't care if we wrestle in grass skirts and coconut bras. You can make this as gimmicky as you want, the outcome is going to be the same. And that is the Samoan Dynasty leaving that arena with their heads hanging in shame! Not because of Jimmy Snuka shitting on his family, friends, and everyone who ever looked up to him... not because Roman Reigns was the biggest Paper Champion since The Rock beat CM Punk; no, it will be because of you Joe" Dean says with a cruel grin.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "When I take your big melon sized head and bash it against those bars over, and over, AND OVER AGAIN! WHEN I BEAT YOU SO BADLY THAT YOU FIND YOURSELF FORGETTING YOUR OWN NAME, HAVING TO BE SPOON FED BY SOME BITTER BITCH THAT CALLS YOU SON! WHEN-... when I end your career like I did Roman Reigns, what is left of the Samoan Dynasty, the remainder of your 'Tribe' will walk out with tears in their eyes and their heads hung low. Because they will know that their heritage and history... Will have come to an end. While my legacy will be written in the blood of yours! Redemption? HA!... not where we're heading, Joe. There is no redemption for guys like us. Only survival. And you don't have what it takes to survive against me. Come Sunday, I'll prove it to you... and to everyone else who ever stood in that locker room and doubted me. Dean Ambrose is the future of this company; like it... or not!” he almost spit those last words, no doubt knowing the latter was true. They didn’t like it. But they would have to accept it.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose: "Just like Roman, this Sunday Joe... you're blood WILL BE ON MY HANDS! And who knows? I might never wash it off. Leaving it as a reminder for the next asshole who thinks they see only an opportunity when they look at me. From Redemption onwards people will know... and it will frighten them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha... BELIEVE... THAT!"

Dean balls his leather jacket up into a pillow and takes the bottom bunk in his cell. Leaning back with his hands behind his head and his feet crossed at the ankles. At long last the inmates are happy to get some rest; the light above Ambrose's cell dies, leaving the whole jail in darkness. Unnerving the camera man, but not nearly as unnerved as the Samoa Joe fans who now know what Dean is out to do. That horrible thought sticks with them all as the scene fades to even more black... as if that were possible. Redemption was starting to sound like a joke- they should of called the show 'Sacrifice'. The only question remaining is whose throat will be slit to please the AEW gods? And who will be given the rewards for it? It was such a loaded question that fans weren't sure they wanted to know.

Title: Rat In A Cage...
Sequence #: 009
W/D/L Record: 05/00/03

Name: Dean Ambrose
Nick: Mister Unstable
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Finisher: Dirty Deeds
Allies: ...something like that
Enemies: Too Many To List

  • Signed with AEW
  • Debut at Last Stand 2015
  • Main Event PPV x4
  • Won Debut Match
  • Main Event Concussion x4
  • Wrestle Of The Week x2
  • Match of The Week x3
  • Won GWF Debut Match
  • Bram
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • The Ascension
  • World Title Participants
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Chris Jericho?
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi?
  • Eric Young (GWF)
  • Perry Saturn (GWF)
  • Samoa Joe?
  • Debut at Last Stand 2015 (main event)
  • Wrestle War 2015 (main event)
  • Mayhem 2015 (main event)
  • Super Clash 2015
  • Summer Slam 2015 (GWF)
  • Redemption 2015 (main event)
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