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A deep an almost robotic or recorded voice announced, just so the viewers know who funded this little 'project' of a promo. It instantly took 90's wrestling fans back to the glory days when a voice similar to this would let Nitro know that their show had been hacked and was then under the control of the new World order. Generations later, now Smackdown can say the same. The Bullet Club had taken over the viewing airwaves and now showed the WWE Universe whatever the hell they wanted to. This was their time and on their dime, so all the Smackdown viewers both at home and in attendance at the 'house show' or even watching from online had the choice to either tune in or tune out. Given the controversy surrounding the European Championship at Night of Champions and how it traded hands from Jay Briscoe over to Kenny Omega- it was safe to say that no one was tuning this out. They were prepared to go wherever the Bullet Club desired to lead them. Even if it was in Arizona, one of the last places anyone really wants to be. Even the locals attending the Arizona house show at this very moment, here on Halloween Night wished they weren't in Arizona. So you could only imagine how somebody like Kenny Omega and his crew of destructive delinquents felt about being in that backwoods hell hole.

What was so bad about Arizona? Well for one that damn heat. The Arizona heat... it was not something to scoff at or take lightly. Those of us who are not locals might take it for granted, but those who have been in that God forsaken place know that even as a majority of the country braces itself for the change of the seasons; Arizona locals kick on the air conditioning when they watch the leafs change color. There is no crisp, cool air nipping their cheeks while they rake their lawns. Instead it was a horrible 81 degrees. That wouldn't of been so bad, but for those who had to walk around in costumes and makeup- it meant a lot of ruined face paint and lots of sticky and gross children with sweaty bodies and candy coated fingers that they try to grab you with. Parents all seemed to have a sort of dull and lifeless look in their eyes as they walked about the blocks, taking those foul and smelly beasts door to door in costumed prostitution for free candy. All other days of the year it is forbidden accept candy from strangers. But tonight, because you are dressed as your favorite hero or whatever character from whatever movie or TV show that tickled their fancy it suddenly became okay. The hypocritical madness of it all was enough to bring a smirk to the lips of Kenny Omega. Kenny happened to be sitting on a set of steps outside of what looked like a burnt down apartment complex. He kept his back t it and his head bowed for a moment. Both of his hands clasped together as if in prayer- again, something fans knew better than to assume from Kenny Omega. The last time the WWE Universe assumed Kenny had any spiritual side to him- he ended up torching the Briscoe barn back on their family property. Some viewers even speculate he might be the reason the house behind him now smolders in the night with blackened boards and melted glass windows. Only the stone steps, despite being scorched in places still seemed to be the most secure part of this homes' structure. If someone where to get up and slam what looks like it use to be the front door, the home may well just come tumbling down. And if it happened to come down onto Kenny Omega? Well... the world wasn't THAT lucky.

"It has never ceased to amaze me the difference just one night can make. If history has taught us anything- it is that time is the maker or breaker of us all. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it fell to its knees in one. Consumed by fire and pillaged for whatever may be valuable- just like this house behind me... and just like the barn at the Briscoe compound. Although, looking back on it the value wasn't what was inside of that barn I lit up, but what it stood for. And what it FELL for. That is where the true value could be seen. In its destruction and the devastation it left in its wake. Because while they may rebuild it, it will never be the same. It will never make up for what was lost. All of that... took place in one single, solitary day. Here one second and then gone the next"

Omega smirks to himself, still not bothering to lift his head or even set eyes on the camera that is in front of him. Instead he just basks in the moonlight as another troop of trick or treaters cross his path. Their parents making sure to move them along quickly away from the strange man. Kenny wasn't dressed in costume or even all that creepy. Just a pair of old jeans and a black buttoned down collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Under normal circumstances this would be fine. But it was the over all... presence to Kenny Omega that kept the kiddies and their folks away. No doubt the burnt down house behind him helped to keep them away. Kenny cracks his neck from side to side before picking up where he had left off.

"That is how it worked when The Young Bucks and I rolled into Summer Slam, changing the direction of Tuesday Night Smackdown in just one night. Then it happened again as I changed the face of the WWE itself by dethroning the redneck messiah himself! Jay Briscoe- HUMBLED! BY! ME! All in the matter of ONE NIGHT! That is what it truly means to seize the moment- and like it or not, that is what I have done. Every opportunity I have been given, every accomplishment I have earned; I've done so by sheer force of will... that, and maybe with a little support from my pals"

Right on cue, out come The Young Bucks who must of been exploring the remains of that deep fried house behind Omega; but at the very mention of them they pop up like a couple of alley cats. Strolling out to take their places at the left and right side of Kenny Omega. Nick and Matt had no problem looking into the camera as they spoke.

"Hmmm... I guess you could say we helped our boy out, don't you think? I'm just sayin' that it is POSSIBLE... just possible that we could of gotten our hands dirty. We got a little filthy. A little nasty even. But when peeps fuck with your family, the only right response is to kick their teeth down their throats! Or in Mark Briscoe's case, what little teeth they have left"

"You won't catch me arguing with that. I'm still picking Briscoe dentures out of the bottom of my boot after that IN-SAY-NUH Superkick party we threw those Briscoe bitches at Night of Champions. And did they even thank us for making their miserable lives mean something? NOPE! DON'T THINK SO!... the nerve of some people, seriously"

"Some folks just have no class"

The Young Bucks laughed amongst each other and even made the Kliq wolf gesture and touched fingers to show their unity on the subject of kicking the PISS out of the Briscoe Brothers. But Kenny Omega didn't join in on the laughter. He now managed to lift his head up and from behind his sunglasses he locks his eyes on the camera and speaks directly to his challengers.

"I love my brothers... their loyalty... their TRUST!- it is something that can not be bought or bartered with. Loyalty like that is rare now a days, but it also has never been more crucial. If you don't believe me, just look at what the pencil pushers on Smackdown have done to me. For the last two weeks they have taken ME!- Kenny Omega! Quite possibly the best singles competitor on Smackdown!... and they purposely try to hinder my progress. Sabotage my success! For two weeks now they have stuck me with concussion prone bitches and has been cripples for partners! I am the European Champion, do you get that!? That is a singles Championship- so why oh why... am I in another tag team match? You could of booked The Young Bucks for this, they were made for this division... but you didn't. You could of at least let one of them be my partner!... but you didn't. And why? To protect you investments. To screw me over because deep down- deep down Smackdown and The Authority itself FEARS what the Bullet Club is capable of when we put our minds to it! They seen how in just one month we have strolled into this company and took a Championship like it was no big deal! And you people... you couldn't handle that. You couldn't deal with the fact that in one month not only have I become a Champion... but I've done it without ever being pinned or having submitted to ANYONE! No one has put me down yet! And no one will. Not even you, Randy Orton"

Several little trick or treaters, all in various costumes of princesses, monsters and super heroes came running past the burnt house. But The Bullet Club paid them no attention. Rising to his feet, Omega slings the WWE European Championship up onto his shoulder as he starts to walk towards the camera. The Young Bucks following Kenny’s lead as they rise up too. Keeping their places at his sides as he speaks.

"For almost a week now I've been trying to wrap my head around this match. Trying to put the pieces together and figure out just what the hell it is you did Orton. What did you do to make Triple H suddenly hate you so badly? Badly enough that he would let you march blindly into a match less than 48 hours after your little cage match against a God damned firing squad like The Bullet Club! What could you possibly have done to merited that kind of punishment!? Because that is what this match is, Orton, make no mistake about that. This is going to be painful... and I am going to punish you. And hurt you. If you don't believe me, just look into the eyes of the man you have to call partner this week. Look into the eyes of Jay Briscoe and you will see your own fate reflected back at you! You will see a broken and beaten Champion! And the funny thing is, Randy, you won't even be the first title holder I've toppled. In the last month I've made a habit of handing The United States and the FORMER European Champion their asses! Most the time in the same match! So what makes you think that you are going to be any different Orton? HUH!? Because you are the Boss's little pet Viper? His little snaky who he feeds rats like Edge to just to make you fat and happy? Is that suppose to impress me!?- because it doesn't! Not in the least! You feel like some kind of golden god, a 'chosen one' in a locker room full of wayward souls. I bet you look at yourself in the mirror and talk yourself up, praising yourself for being some kind of unique little 'snowflake'... when the fact is, you are just a snake in the grass in this company. And I know how to deal with snakes... you take their fuckin' heads off!"

Omega almost snarls as he says this. He reaches up and removes his sunglasses so the camera can get a look at those deep, piercing and murderous eyes of his. They were the eyes of a mad man… the eyes of a killer. From his sides both Nick and Matt seem alive with that same war hungry energy that Omega is radiating.

"Face it, Rand-O; we've made a career out of kicking peoples heads off. We're actually really good at it. Just one stiff BLAM!... and it's lights out"

"The fans in the cheap seats better bring catchers mitts cuz' our boy is goin' to ship your melon all the way out to the nose-bleed section. The Omega Man might even be nice enough to sign your forehead for the kids. So try not to make an ugly face. I know for an Orton, that is next to impossible. But do try- it's for the children"

Although they were his friends and always in a joking mood- tonight Kenny Omega was not joking. You could tell by his eyes.

"Orton, there is a reason that Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx Pac... and although they might not admit it now, deep down even Shawn Michaels and Triple H know it too. They all know that there is a difference between The Authority and The Bullet Club. They know just like the people know, they can tell the difference when they look at you corporate puppets and how you dance on your strings... and then look at us. When they look at us, they see everything that you are not! They don't see strings when they look at Bullet Club, they don't see a couple of puppets going through the same old motions day after day. What these people see... is the future. The embodiment of a new age, one that neither Jay Briscoe or even The Legend Killer himself are capable of surviving in! This is a new era, one that you can not endure! A new era... that you might not even get to see. Randy, as you get ready to step into that Cell this Sunday with The Rock- no doubt thinking that it will be the greatest moment of your career when you beat his ass all the way back to Hollywood; I want you to remember something. Remember my warning. For you, Orton... the suffering doesn't stop once the show is over. Hell is NOT being locked in a Cell with Rocky. Because we are the true heirs to the WWE throne. And this week you will see what real hell is. Because hell is being in the ring against ME!... and the Bullet Club"

With that said, Omega takes aim at the camera; making the pistol gesture with his free hand while holding the title to his shoulder with the other. Next to him The Young Bucks do a few crotch chops as the scene fades out and that voice speaks again...

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