"Just Like You... Only Better"

Scene Number::001
Scene Location ::A Strip Club
Status :: ON CAMERA

A scene opens up with a shot that every red heterosexual male's blood flowing. And that is a nice look at some exposed flesh. Not too much flesh was shown; the WWE Universe wasn’t THAT lucky. But they were still treated to this nice little peak at some soft, curvaceous, and absolutely flawless flesh. It was wrapped up nicely in some lace and the occasional leather. Some had stocking pulled up to the mid of their thighs. Others had on corsets and push up bras. And for the men lucky enough to be able to afford a private room- hey, they got to seen even more. For the right price, they got to see everything. Without shame or guilt. Was it the 'American Dream'... I wouldn't go and label such a thing as being just an 'American Dream' but as a dream of all men who have such desires.

In fact, being able to be so indulgent in such debaucheries seemed to be a social status or a sign of power. Many of the men inside this smoky and dimly lit club were men in suits and ties. Their hair styled and most of them, no matter what their age, seemed to be put together very well. This must have been a high end joint, not that filthy 'Red Light' district that felt sticky on every surface you touched or had that smell of sweat, cigars, liquor and shame. No, this place was something more, something nicer. It must of cost a pretty penny to just get past the bouncer and through the door. The WWE Universe was starting to grow curious about who had brought them there as the camera man took it upon himself to go exploring.

Around him pretty waitresses walked, some even turning to the camera to blow a kiss or give a coy wink. They carried trays of drinks to various parties at tables and booths. The girls really did seem to come in all shapes and colors, almost like candy and some of them looked like if you gave them a lick they would taste just a sweet as candy, too. Their skin fluxed from soft mochas and caramels to fake tanned 'wh-orange' and that pale, porcelain white. Whatever you could desire- they had the flavor for you. And apparently the flavors for everyone else as well. The 'customers' if that is what you want to call them all seemed happy with the girls who played to their desires. The DJ kept the music fun and bouncing, inspiring many of the girls to give lap dances or table dances. Some even worked the main two stages and twirled from the brass poles. Those were the dancers the camera man kept blurred out in the distance, not wanting to break that PG 14 rating they worked so hard to get. Lord knows that NONE of them were wanting to go back to the PG 13 rating that once sucked all the hardcore 'fun' out of the WWE Universe.

And while many of the youthful fans had their eyes glued to either the titantron or their television sets, just hoping to catch a nip slip or an un-blurred breast; even the fans who grew up in The Attitude Era knew that it wasn't going to happen. So instead of drooling on themselves over the girls, the smart marks started to look around at the men in the club to see if they could recognize any of them. At first, they couldn't. They were just business men, or would-be-business-men in suits who pretended to be more important than what they probably were outside of the club. Which was fine, if the girls didn't use their real names then the guys were allowed a little grace period for a few little white lies of their own.

However, as the WWE Universe took a closer look at some of the male patrons- they found themselves noticing faces they hadn't noticed before. At the main stage where a big breasted woman twirled upside down, practically defying gravity by not being pulled down by... well... you know; but at the stage fans spot a blond haired guy and his dark haired brother tossing a few 20's and 50's for the girl. The Young Bucks were very unapologetic for their wild sides, Matt Jackson even getting to put a 100 dollar bill between the tits of the dancer with his teeth as Nick Jackson slid one along the string of her thong. Both Young Bucks didn't seem to notice or care about the camera.

Several booths down, getting a table dance while drinking of champagne directly from the bottle was none other than Cody Hall- Smackdown's newest talent. He was dressed in a white dressier shirt than we normally see him in and his eyes were fixed on the curves of the girl on his table. He too didn't seem to mind the WWE Universe catching him in a place like this, just like The Young Bucks, it seemed like he had other things on his mind besides being a modest role model for the kiddies who may be watching this. Cody reached up and spanked the stripper, who looked over her shoulder and gave her a playfully scornful look as she wagged a finger at him like he had done something naughty. The camera guy began to move on, not wanting to incriminate Cody Hall anymore than he probably already has. The camera man went back to searching the strip club. Having spotted 3 out of 4 of them, he was almost certain that the 4th member, the leader of The Bullet Club was around there somewhere. And he was right. Sitting in a private booth in the corner of the room was the European Champion, Kenny Omega. Kenny, like his boys, was dressed sharp and had a drink in one hand. Draped over his shoulder was that belt that he taunted Jay Briscoe with last week... but unlike the other guys, Kenny Omega wasn't entertaining any company at his table. Although, several women had approached him and offered him a dance. Omega just didn't seem interested. In fact, the only thing he was interested in was the camera as it got closer and closer to him. The corner booth cast a creepy shadow of Kenny and gave him the impression of a mob boss. He just radiated power. It was rooted in his confidence as he let the camera man approach him.

The camera guy got closer and closer until eventually being in ear shot of Kenny Omega, and that is where the promo begins.

"To the victor... goes the spoils"

Omega sounded sinister, even ruthless as he said this. Kenny cracks his neck from side to side and takes a drink from his glass before speaking again.

"And as you can see, over these last couple of weeks I have been spoiled rotten"

He says this with a cheesy grin that showed all of his teeth, giving him the look of an animal that bared its' fangs. Making Kenny look more dangerous than inviting. But the camera man had come too far than to just turn back now. So he listened on as Kenny Omega spoke.

"I have been spoiled so much... because I MADE IT THAT WAY! NO ONE HANDED THIS SUCCESS TO ME!... whatever I have no, I have earned myself. The WWE Universe, you're not the ones who supply me with the good life. It is MY wrestling skills that win me my matches. It is MY brain that gives me the psychological edge that has allowed me to cut through the competition here like a knife! And the only... the ONLY... group of guys I owe a little gratitude to... they are here with me tonight. And wouldn't you know it, we're here tonight to celebrate. What are we celebrating? That's simple- we're here to celebrate whatever the hell it is we want! How about the fact that not a single member of this Bullet Club has yet to be pinned? That seems like a good reason to have a few drinks. Or how about the fact that NONE OF US has ever submitted since coming to the WWE, that sounds pretty party worthy as well, doesn't it? Oh wait, here is a good one. How about The Bullet Club celebrates the fact that last week on Smackdown we were the ONLY MEN LEFT STANDING!... at the end of the main event. See, those are all pretty good reasons to cut loose and enjoy ourselves, don't you think? I sure as hell do. In fact, from the looks of things The Bullet Club seems to be the only ones on Smackdown who have any reason to celebrate these days. Jay Briscoe, he sure don't. Randy Orton, sure he is the World Champion; but he didn't really look like a World Champion last week, did he? If you asked me, he looked more like a jobber... a chump... a BITCH! Just about as far as you can get from being a World Champ. Well, that isn't true. If Randy Orton was as far away from being a respectable World Champion as a person could get... that would just mean his name was Edge instead of Orton"

The mocking smirk on the face of Kenny Omega stretched slightly, growing more obnoxious as he continued.

"Edge, last week you couldn't even make it to the main event. Let that little fact sink in for a moment before you do something stupid like try to run your mouth about me. Let that little curnal of knowledge obsorb into your peanut sized brain, let it maronate for a moment. Stew on it even. Whatever you have to do to grasp the biggest issue with this match, and that is, that Edge didn't make it to the main event last week... because he couldn't. Whoever happened to come around and get their hands on him, which reminds me- I owe that fellow a Christmas card for liberating me from having to be your partner, but none the less. Someone happened to find you and they put you down! Flat! On! Your! Face! That is how they left you! Not just proving to me, but proving to the entire WORLD that you, Adam, you just don't have it anymore. You've gone soft. What started with a bad neck suddenly turned into a lack of a spine! You are a coward Edge, an absolute coward! You weren't in the main event last week because you didn't deserve it! If you did you would of scratched and crawled your way on out to that ring! You would of done the right thing and that's put on your dress and take your place in my corner! It really wasn't that hard of a job, was it? But noooo, it didn't happen like that. No, because someone snuck up and gave you a few 'boo-boos' you needed the night off to recover. You had to go home and lick your wounds, leaving the main event to the big boys who DESERVE that spotlight. You know... like you use to"

Omega's temper was starting to flair up, you could see it in his eyes. The hate seemed to burn brightly in the eyes of Kenny Omega. Sure, he remained calm… well, most of the time. But that calm was a mask, something to hide the monster within from the outside world. But as Omega spoke of Edge, his sheer distaste for the man made it hard to hide his true nature.

"Edge, there was a time when nothing and no one could of kept you out of that ring. Back when you still had something left to offer this sport besides elderly advice and stories about 'the good old days' when The Attitude Era was all the rage. When it comes to a good story or some advice about where to get your neck operated on- you are all good for that. You can play the roll of washed up has been every day of the week like it is no big deal. But when the wrestling world asks you and your pathetic brother Christian to give them one more run with the tag team titles that is worth remembering... you fell short! When the WWE Universe asked you to climb the ladder of success and once again become Mr. Money in the Bank; when they expected you to shine as the Ultimate Opportunist- something that was your claim to fame! When they asked that of you... once again you choked. Proving YET AGAIN that your day has passed, that every time you step into this ring you are living on barrowed time! Last week you might of been physically unable to be my partner but this week... you don't DESERVE to be my opponent. You really don't. I have been riding a wave of success in this company that would dwarf any accomplishment that you've made in the last three years! I've ushered in a whole new army in The Bullet Club and a whole new era for professional wrestling! What have you done lately, Edge? What have you given your fans... why should they have faith in you anymore? It is the responsibility of every professional wrestler to know when their time is up. When they should just hang up the tights and boots and return to the normal world. And by agreeing to this match you are being very irresponsible. Making you no better than Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair. You remember Flair, don't you? The man you mocked for holding on to his glory days for too long! The guy who didn't know when to toss the towel in! Tell me, Edge, do you see Ric Flair looking back at you when you look into a mirror? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD! IN THE EYES OF WRESTLING FANS YOU ARE JUST AS USELESS!... just as washed up. That is why, come Smackdown, I am going to force you to give the one thing you have left. I'll force you to make the same kinds of sacrifices that Owen Hart, Rick Rude, and countless others had! I am going to TRULY immortalize you in this sport. This week Edge I am going to give the fans your mind... and your body. As for your soul, I don't really care who has a claim on it. But your ass, ha ha, that belongs to me! I am going to break you Edge, and leave you in a pile of your own pathetic shame and filth! I am going to do what you don't have the class to do, and that is make you step down and bow out. Come Smackdown, one way or the other... I am going to take you to the Edge, Adam... and them I'll shove you over it! Ending you once and for all... and proving that this company is MINE! It has been from the moment the ink dried on my contract. You just don't know it yet, but you will. Soon everyone will see that I am the Alpha... and the Omega. And you? You're just slowing the progress down"

The words of Kenny Omega ring out as a piercing and ruthless warning. One that sent chills down the spines of everyone… even Edge. With those last words spoken the scene fades to black, leaving fans in anticipation for Smackdown.