- Only One Can Walk Away -

Scene Number::001
Scene Location ::I.H.O.P
Status :: ON Camera

The scene opens up with a shot of… a Cyclops? No, that can’t be right. But there it was. A massive, singular, practically blood shot eye glares into the camera. Wild, angry… maddened, darting around as though it were trying to drink in all the scenery that the viewers were not yet privy too. It was rather unnerving to watch this singular, bloodshot eye rolling around as it peered into what seemed to be a cave. The eye dared to look about and a low, grumbling roar escapes the unseen mouth of the beast- apparently this cyclops wasn’t in the friendliest of moods. Then again, it was hard to tell given how all we could get a look at was the one, giant, sinister looking eye; the singular eye that happened to fall on the camera from time to time as if it were aware that others were watching it. But that was impossible; this was a scene from a movie- it had to be. Monsters like this aren’t real… are they?

As the camera pans back, a horrible realization comes over the viewers. Monsters like this do exist. They know for a fact because this was a monster that the AEW faithful was becoming more and more familiar with. The camera pulls back and the fans get a more appropriate picture. The cave… well, that was no cave at all. But rather a crack house made out of waffles. Pieces had been ripped to shreds and held together with toothpicks and scraps of napkins and straw wrappers. The camera pulls back even more, letting those who haven’t caught on yet get a look at the New Horror and one half of the tag team Champions- Sami Callihan. Sami was chewing his bottom lip and inspecting his not so handy work. Despite making a mess of the table and drawing unwanted attention Callihan seemed slightly amused with his creation.

Too bad the same couldn’t be said for Dean who slumped into the booth, across the table from Sami with the heels of his work boots up on the table and his shaggy blonde hair hanging into his eyes and face, keeping a portion of his face hidden from view. Havok, on the other hand, seemed delighted… or as delighted as she can be. Leaning on the shoulder of Sami, her cheek next to his and an almost cruel smirk crosses her face. Was that an effect of being around Dean & Sami? Fans sure hope the hell it isn’t; but given last weeks’ Concussion… it was hard to rule that out. Whatever negative impact The Switch Blades had on each other and the company… it was starting to spread. Like a virus or a disease, the chaos was catching on.

But at the moment, none of that matter- not when Callihan had ‘I.H.O.P Theater’ going on inside his plate. Sami eyes up two pieces of waffle that were discarded from his…whatever the hell it was he made. Whatever the case may be, Callihan sneers down into the plate as he draws his fingers back and speaks over top of his plate to no one in particular.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Did you see that, Keenan!?” Callihan says in a gruff and scratchy voice, though from the pitch of his voice it sounded like he was impersonating Joey Styles.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn have become the World Tag Team Champions! This is incredible! What a moment!-What a moment for Attitude Era Wrestling! These two best friends deserve this moment…. WAIT! Wait a minute! What is going on!? Callihan! Havok... no, they couldn’t! They wouldn’t!” Sami went on, now flicking the two pieces of waffles off of his plate and off into various different booths; surly annoying other customers in the process. “We have new tag team champions!” he brags to himself.

A smirk crosses Sami’s face as he adjusts the title on his shoulder. Havok absentmindedly reaches over and tussles Callihan’s hair so it sticks up more than normal.

'The Death Machine' Jessicka Havok:That was my favorite part-” Jessicka confessed. She gave her morbid little troll of a lover a teasing tug of his hair as a means of showing her affection for the bastard. Callihan didn’t seem to notice, he was too busy playing with his food.

Dean seemed to notice though the ‘Lunatic Fringe’ didn’t seem as amused as they were. Ambrose rolls his eyes and stretches out in the booth as though he owned it.

'The Death Machine' Jessicka Havok:Awww, don’t get jealous Dean… not all of us can walk away winners” Havok teased, her own eyes glaring at Dean, not bothering to hide her resentment for the man.

'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose:Riiight because I forgot how hard you worked to EARN your half of the titles. I just hope you don’t get the urge to lay down and hand this over too” Ambrose fired back.

Havok’s eyes flashed dangerously and for a moment her jaw tightened and his fist fallowed the lead. And for a second it looked as though Havok would further her run in the male division by taking a shot at Dean Ambrose right here and now. Callihan was oblivious to the both of them as he now mashed his bare knuckles into his waffle structure… still doing a horrible impersonation of Joey Styles.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:OH MY GOD! Samoa Joe! They just triple powered bombed the Samoan Submission Machine! OHHH THE HUMANITY! Wait! What is the Switch Blade Conspiracy doing to Chris Jericho!? They are just sick! Absolutely disgusting! This is just too hard to watch…” Callihan’s commentary was far from perfect, but the point had gotten across.

Now Callihan cuts lose, jabbing and stabbing and ripping the waffle structure apart with such vigor that it is similar to a misbehaving child at lunch. Sami taking his fork to what use to be food, though now it looks like vomited up waffles. Not even Ambrose could hide his grin though he tries, ducking out of the way of stray flying syrup drops. Havok was safe from the splash back, but she cringed a little as Callihan scoops some of the mess into his mouth and chomps it down like a damn barbarian. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand and talking while he chews; Callihan looks up into the camera and begins to let loose with everything that had been on his mind.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Two weeks… just two weeks is all it took to change a million minds, to alter a million perceptions” his upper lip curls into a slight snarl.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Going into Super Clash no one seemed to care… no one seemed to even NOTICE Sami Callihan and The Switch Blades. Not even when I go out of my way to invite everyone else to the big show… do you think anyone was grateful? Do you think anyone walked up and thanked me personally? DO YOU THINK ANYONE EVEN SENT ME A CARD!?- BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU; THEY DIDN’T! NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM! They didn’t care about me; they only cared about exploiting me. Using me as a stepping stone so they could take advantage of MY tag team title shot. Before I invited everyone to come out and play… no one gave me a second thought. And after taking me up on my offer… no one thought of me again. I was an afterthought, something gross on the bottom of their boots that they had to just… deal with. The lot of them, the WHHHHOOOOLE lot of them… they are unthankful, undeserving pricks who didn’t see the beauty of what I had done for them! They had no clue what kind of sacrifice I was prepared to make… all they cared about is what they could take from me. Just take, take, take… TAKE! Well no more! Not again… not ever again” Callihan says a little moodily, cracking his neck and snarling again as he goes on.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Before Super Clash, no one gave me a second thought. After Super Clash… I’m a monster. People are walking around, acting as though I should be ashamed of myself for misleading all those teams… for screwing Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn out of their feel good moment; people think I should be walking around here with my head held low… but the thing is, I don’t feel shamed or bad. Why should I? When a group of guys are prepared to steal you title shot… but not a one of them wants to be your partner… it puts things into perspective. It shows me what you people really think of me. And I’m supposed to be the one who feels guilty for exploiting a loop hole? Not gonna’ happen kids! So get that idea out of your damn skulls right now! GET IT OUT! Because Sami Callihan didn’t lose a single minuet of sleep that night” he confesses. His wild eyes burning a hole into the camera that is in front of him.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:There came a moment when things became crystal clear for me. As I read through the match contract seen that my Feast or Fired contract wasn’t the inspiration for this match- that the titles were going to be on the line regardless… I had a choice to make. I could come clean and make the match happen myself- or I could take what I learned from everyone else and put it to good use. Well that was a no brainer. And despite what you people think, Sami Callihan is no idiot! I knew I didn’t have a friend in the back who would shed a tear for me- no one who would stand beside me. They all wanted to take from me… and no one wanted to offer me a hand. NOT A ONE OF YOU! AND IT WAS THEN THAT I REALIZED THAT IT WASN’T A FRIEND I NEEDED… but my family. I needed my dysfunctional family- so I hunted them down. Dean, he had his hands full with Hero… but my Havok? She was locked away in her personal little prison… just waiting to be set free” Callihan smirks devilishly again.

Havok grins, now twirling his scruffy goat beard around one of her fingers. Still letting Sami have this little spotlight to himself.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Together, Jessie and I took fate into our own hands! Side by side… we took our switch blades and we used them to slit the throats of two of our very own! Two Indy darlings who thought they were untouchable! We brought them down to our level! We humbled them! We raped them! We raped them of their Super Clash moment… which let’s be honest, never belonged to them in the first place. That moment belong to me and Havok. And like it or not, we made that moment in time ours. And now, every time you look back to Super Clash you will always have to remember the night that Sami Callihan and Jessicka Havok took advantage of a system that used and abused them on a regular basis. We went from being the abused… into the abusers” his smirk grows.

Like a rabid dog, Callihan twitches and cracks his neck. His eyes locked on the camera as Havok cuddles into his shoulder and Dean acted as though this was just another night at the International House of Pancakes for the sinister trio. But to Callihan this moment… was everything. All eyes were now on him.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:And we are not about to stop! Not now! Not when we finally have control of the whip! And on the very next Concussion episode…. We took the whip to the locker room again. This time taking Samoa Joe and dropping him so hard that he slipped and fell right off of Roman Reigns coat tails! Just like Reigns fell off of Deans the night before. From the moment Super Clash went off air, there has been a change in the air. You could just feel it! There was no going back! Things would never be the same” his words sent chills through the viewers.

Callihan draws in a shaky breath and exhales before he speaks.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Samoa Joe found that out… and Chris Jericho… and I’m sure Bryan and Zayn aren’t gonna’ forget me and Jessie any time soon. But why should we stop with just them? All of AEW has been asking for this for a long, LONG time now. Just BEGGING to be reminded of what Sami Callihan and his family can do. They need to learn what it feels like to be on the bad end of the Switch Blades” Callihan growls again. Hocking up a loogy before spitting it against the wall so it droops like egg yolk before he turns back to the camera.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:This week, Enzo will become more familiar with the ‘Switch Blade way of doing things’. He is going to see that it doesn’t matter to me if he is the realist dude in the room or not- because so long as you bleed, that is the only realism I need! The only realism I want! The only… realism… I know” he says as he chews his bottom lip.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Enzo is going to see that he wasn’t in my league when he had a partner beside him. Even with help, he was nothing. He didn’t understand what he was getting himself into- and he still doesn’t! This isn’t about titles or even respect. This is just nature, survival of the sickest. And Enzo… you’re not as sick as I am. Not yet. But class is in session, for you AND Jimmy” his expression grows darker.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:Jacobs… now there is someone who gets it. Jimmy understands, he knows how to play this game. And he sure as hell knows what is on the line. Because like me, the pencil pushers don’t like you- do they, Jimmy? They don’t want to see you break through the glass ceiling because they know2- THEY KNOW!... they know that The Age of the Fall and The Switch Blades are two sides of the same coin, two families out to rip the heart out of this industry and watch it die! You can’t teach mental illness like that! It is something that you have to be born with! And they fear that Jimmy… they fear us” his lowers his eyes from the camera with a thoughtful look on his face.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:That is why we have to fight this week… AEW, they can’t control both crews. They can barely control the sheep they have now. They can’t risk you boys getting a bug up your asses like us Switch Blades. So… you know what that means don’t you? It means that only one of us can walk away from this. Only one of us will be allowed to continue the good fight. There is only room for one psyche ward in this place… and sorry, but Dean Ambrose… Jessicka Havok and Sami Callihan have all the rooms checked out! So now the question becomes… who is more unstable? The Age of the Fall… or the Switch Blades? Who is more violent, more lethal… more desperate to do what needs to be done. Well take a good fuckin look, Jim-bo because the answer is right in front of your eyes! Sami Callihan is prepared to beat the piss out of you to prove my point! Just like Bryan! Just like Zayn! Just like Joe! Jimmy, you will be just another Indy brother that I have to put down, just another casualty in a war that is bigger than you. Bigger than me. This is about change through suffering… growth through brutality… I can teach you” he looks back up into the camera.

'The New Horror' Sami Callihan:We could have been friends, Jimmy. The Switch Blades and the Age of the Fall- we could’ve been a force like this company has never seen! Well, The Switch Blades already are- but still! The point is… I didn’t ask for this, but that won’t stop me from doing what I have to do to survive. And while I know this is going is going to hurt you boys more than it hurts me; just remember… I didn’t do this to do, not really. Every cut, every bruise, every broken bone; don’t blame Sami Callihan. Blame AEW. Blame the people who put you in this spot. Blame those who have the power to change this but do NOTHING. Your suffering will be for their amusement. You are just two hamsters still trapped on your wheel- but not me, I’m not running in circles for them anymore! And you can too, all you have to do… is let go. Stop being the puppets and use your strings to strangle them! Strangle them… like I intend to strangle the both of you. Because like it or not, this match will happen. And when this car crashes… the only survivor… will be the New Horror. But through it all, cling to the truth… and the truth is I’m not the one who did this to you. I am just the vessel of your destruction. I am the gun held to the side of your heads! But AEW! They!... they are the ones with their fingers on the trigger” Callihan says, now rising to his feet.

Callihan sneers into the camera for a moment, looking something like a gargoyle as he glares in the direction of the viewers. Dean and Havok rise as well, taking their places beside their fellow Switch Blade, looking into the camera with ‘sorry about your damn luck kids’ looks on their faces while Callihan just looks like a man who could kill as the scene slowly fades to black.


Name: Sami Callihan
Height/Weight: 5’10”/207 lbs
Alignment: Heel
From: Last House on the Left
Gimmick: The New Horror
The Finisher: Stretch Muffler
Stable: The Switch Blades
Manager: Jessicka Havok
Allies: Dean Ambrose
Enemies: A Few

Roleplay #: 15
Event: Concussion
Venue: N/A
Next Match: vs. A Few
Stipulation:Triple Threat

W/L/D Record: 09/03/02
Debut @ No Escape 2014
-Won Debut Match
-Wrestle Of the Week x2
-Math of the Week x3
-Main Event Concussion x2
-15 To Watch in 2015 (#9)
-Power 10 Ranking #7^
-Feast or Fired 2015 Participant
-Feast or Fired 2015 Winner
(Tag Title Briefcase)
Main Event PPV x1
Tag Team Champ (c)
-Dolph Ziggler
-Chris Sabin
-Kevin Steen
-Feast or Fired Participants
-Austin Aries
-The Ascension
-Daniel Bryan
-Sami Zayn
-Jimmy Jacobs
-Enzo Amore
-No Escape 2014 (debut)
-Reigns vs. Gunner 2015
-Last Stand 2015
-Wrestle War 2015
-Super Clash 2015
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AIM: JinxVicious666@aim.com
E-Mail: - Click Me -

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