- The Things We Do For Family -

Scene Number::001
Scene Location ::Last House On The Left
Status :: ON Camera

The neighborhood kids knew better to go into THAT yard. Their parents all had warned them- stay away. Stay away from 'The Last House On The Left'... stay away from the old Callihan house. Bad things happen to those who go exploring. Or so the locals say. Some of the local kids, the younger ones- you never had worry about them. They wouldn't question the local legend that circulated around that house like an invisible barrier. They wouldn't even put a toe in the over grown grass in an attempt to retrieve a Frisbee or a baseball. The older kids, those 'oh so smart' teenagers, they just thought the myths were great ghost stories. The Callihan family had a reputation of being- well... odd, and that was putting it lightly. Old Momma Callihan, she was said to of had seven brats. And one by one they had mysteriously gotten sick, or had accidents that could not be explained. Some of them passing away from 'SIDS' right in the crib... or that was the conclusion of the hospital and morticians who treated these horrifying cases. One by one the children dropped like flies until only the youngest remained. Little Sami, with his wild hair and deeply circled eyes and dirty clothing. Most adults who seen him always felt the urge to call social services. As for the children, they liked to call him foul things and throw rocks.

Creating an aggression in the troubled kid that he took out on the neighborhood cats- and that only made things worse. The community treated this boy the way they treated the homeless, they ignored him. Pretending like he didn't exist. If you can’t fix the problem... act like there is no problem at all. The world could be a prick like that.

Speaking of pricks, then there was old man Callihan. The town drunk... the village idiot... and a professional wife beater all rolled up into one. A real jack of all traits. Every failure of his life could be seen, reflected back on him by the scrapes, bruises and scars on the faces and bodies of his wife and remaining child. It was stunning how often the bruising on kid Callihan's face matched the marks on his father's knuckles. As for Mrs. Callihan? Rumor was she clung to only two things in her life. First was the so called 'Good Book'... and for a while, that seemed to work well in filling up all the cracks in the family home. But then- when the walls of her mind came tumbling down, she let go of her 'Good Book' and picked up a real good 'Kitchen Knife' with a real good 'Sharp Edge'. What happened after that, well- it's the stuff of local legend. The story has changed so much over the years that it has become impossible to know what the truth was. The one who did know, little Sami... he wasn't talking about it all that much. But one thing was for sure- as they hauled Mrs. Callihan away, her bloody hands trembling as they stroked the cover of her leather bound Bible with that horribly peaceful smile upon her face... it was clear that Mr. Callihan wouldn't be putting his hands on anyone again for a very- VERY long time. How such a frail woman could of done what she did, the town didn't know. But after that night, the legend of 'The Last House on the Left' was born.

And what started with the parents, so say... was passed down to the son. Little Sami, the bastard of a bastard had become the new source for rumor and folklore. As his reputation for brutality in wrestling grew- so did the stories. But that is what children did. They gossiped, they told stories... they told lies, well, sometimes. But over time what happened at The Last House on the Left became more and more convoluted. More and more... disturbing.

So you could understand how bothered the town had become when they seen several crudely carved Jack O'Lanterns lining the chipped and splintering front porch at the old Callihan house. The yard hadn't been raked or mowed. The house itself was so horrid that the city had it condemned a decade ago. The windows boarded up, the outside of the house faded by years of neglect and covered up with graffiti; courtesy of the local juvenile delinquents. Just looking at the house, you imagine that if a good wind came and knocked it down a whole hoard of junkies and homeless folks would scatter into the streets like cockroaches across the kitchen floor of… well, of this house. It caused viewers skin to crawl just thinking about it.

Even from the outside, this house looked uninviting. It was so ugly, it was like every horrible thing that had even taken place within the walls of that home were now plastered on the outside of it. Every nightmarish night, every horrifying moment; all of it temporarily immortalized in the very wood, support beams and the utter foundation of this piece of property. The house was ugly, there was no getting around it. Even if all those horrible things had never of happened in there, just from the physical imagery of this house it was bound to invoke fear, uneasiness and even repulsion in people. The viewers were sure feeling it now. That feeling of panic causing them to breath faster and their hearts to race. It only got worse as the camera man took a step closer towards the house. And then another step... and another. Bringing the unwilling viewers further and further towards the Callihan Family Home, a place where few would go to even get out of the rain. Much less so close to Halloween and just as the sun was starting to wane and all the locals were starting to head inside.

But not them, and not the camera man. They just kept getting closer. Now heading up those splintered and chipped steps, each one creaking and groaning under the weight of the individual behind the camera. And then, rather impressively, the camera shifts from an outside view to one that was indoors. Fans who had wanted to turn back now were freaking screwed. The rest were curious to see what this place was... and what would happen next.

Instantly they all started to scan what was, at first glace, 'The Room That Time Forgot'. What made them say that? Maybe it was the classic cobweb chandelier that went from all four corners of the room and collected gracefully on the ceiling fan in the center of the room. If that wasn't enough, the furniture looked to be moth eaten and covered in a layer of dust. A trait everything in this house shared. Dust... dust, dust, dust. It was on the old retro coffee table. It was on the old 60's television that would have been pawned had it not of weighed a couple hundred pounds. The screen was broken and the glass was stained in a rainbow of dried color. The shag carpet looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in AGES and it was full of dust mites and all sorts of other creepy and crawly things. Some of the only signs of life in this house. That- and well, the two people who occupied the room.

Laying sprawled out in a pair of Tripp pants covered in zippers, hooks and straps was none other than the 'Queen of Chaos' herself, Jessicka Havok. She still had half her head shaved with purplish streaks going through it. Her eyes and lips were painted wonderfully with black and so were her nails. It was kind of shocking to see such nice, smooth and flowing lines could be created by the same hands that have strangled people before. And lastly she was in a baggy black T-shirt with a corset middle. The shirt had a gasmask on it and the words 'Horror & Havok' written in bloody lettering. A little wink to her and her tormented lover.

Speaking of him, Havok reached out with one hand and pet her Wildman, tussling his chaotic black locks that stuck out in all directions as he rocked on the floor with his back to her. The hand that didn't pet Sami popped a Tootsie Roll into her mouth. Callihan had his back to her while sitting cross legged on the floor. Pumpkin guts sticking to hid hands, up his arms, along his shoulders and even on his cheeks. His nails were painted black too but from all the work he had been doing they had grown chipped and looked ugly. But his hands did continue to work so skillfully. Not even bothering to acknowledge the scraps of pumpkin shell around him that it looked like he was smashing his own Jack O'Lanterns. Havok casually picked a pumpkin seed from his hair as she spoke over his shoulder near his ear.

Havok whispered into his ear. "What's going on in that head of yours baby? What are you thinking... why are we hear?" she asked in a soft, hypnotic voice as she reached up and stroked his cheek soothingly; brushing away the pumpkin guts.

Callihan twitches slightly and he makes a sort of snorting noise, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand before addressing the question.

"Why- why are we here?... Why-why-why-WHYYY... are we here? We are here because this is our home! This is where our family is! This is where we belong! It's our territory! And we defend our territory! We mark our turf! We claim... what rightfully belongs to us. WE TAKE WHAT IS OURS! This house... IT'S OURS! This junk- YOU GUESSED IT! IT'S OURS TOO! Every rusty nail, every splintering board or broken window... belongs to us! This is our home! This is our soil! THIS... IS WHERE... WE PLANT... OUR ROOTS!"
Sami said in a shaky and uncontrollable voice. The tone of shift in pitches with the amount of emotion that poured through it. Casing it to crack and break on various words.

Most women would of instinctively reached for their pepper spray at the sound of Callihan's voice, but not Havok. She laid back on the couch as though it gave her peace of mind as she consumed another piece of Halloween candy. The best part about staying in the old Callihan house? No Trick or Treaters to dish out the good stuff to. So like a morbid but innocent child, Havok enjoys her candy and occasionally glances over the shoulder of Sami to see what kind of Jack O'Lantern he was working on as he spoke.

"At Retribution, I came to the aid of my brother Dean. I put aside my feelings and I did what had to be done! Jessie and I, we came to the aid of our family because THAT IS WHAT A FAMILY DOES! THAT IS WHAT GIVES US OUR EDGE! WHAT KEEPS US SHARP!"
he shouted, spit flying.

Behind him, Havok hummed contently to herself and played with a spider that had crawled down the arm of the sofa to her.

"When Roman Reigns kept using Dean... he was doing family wrong! When Samoa Joe denied Roman entry into his little tribe- he was knifing his blood in the back! Just like you did, Seth, when you turned on The Shield in the first place! Proving not just to the world, but to one another... that there is not a loyal bone in ANY of your bodies! That is why Roman couldn't make the save at the pay per view as he watched The Switchblades DESTROY the only guy who would come to his aid, the only guy who had his back! Roman came charging down like some kind of IDIOT!- and look what happened! He knocked Joe out!... then he tasted the canvas himself! It seems to be a re-occurring thing that happens when people cross paths with us! When the AEW faithful get into the ring with The Switchblades... they get hurt. BADLY! HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR IT TO BECOME COMMON KNOWLEDGE!? AN EVERY DAY FACT! YOU DON'T... fuck with us. You just don't. Joe learned that, so did Roman... and this week, Seth- so will you"
Callihan says as he slowly rises to his feet and clutches his finished pumpkin under his arm.

"Rollins, this week we are two men who fight for two different reasons! When I fight- it is to finish what my brother started! To take you, Rollins- and rip you limb from limb! To make you bleed! To make you hurt! It is my personal job, come Concussion, to make you suffer! Just as you have made my family suffer! To rip you about and burry you... just like you tried to do to my morbid little household! See Seth, if you are an architect... I am a demolition man! You build, while I destroy! And that is the magic of our match this week! That is the chemistry! We... balance... each other... out. In some sick way, we do! We are two soldiers in an army, part of war! A war that has caught like wildfire all through the company! But the question is- Seth, just whose side are you REALLY on!? HUH!? Are you REALLY on Team Reigns? A guy who you stuck the knife in, just to get a taste of fame... is that the guy you support now? As if you can right the wrongs of your past- just by siding with Roman Reigns now. Or how about Samoa Joe? Maybe you're looking out for the best interests of your Ring of Honor amigos! No, no, no... that couldn't be it. So if you’re not in this for Joe... or Roman... and you sure as hell aren't here for Dean; then why are you here? What is your purpose? Well- do you want to know what I think? I think you are here for the same reasons that you always come crawling out of your little hidey hole for! You've come in search of validation! Importance! You seek to be remember, because you know... deep down you know, that here in AEW... you're nothing. NOTHING! A NOBODY! Just some groupie looking to get a little limelight as he watches his old so called 'friends' kiss each other! You are profiting from this battle for power in AEW! Don't try to deny it, Seth! I can see right through you!"
Sami looked dangerous now as he got closer.

Those dangerous eyes of Sami Callihan now fix on the camera as though he were looking right at Seth Rollins.

"And that is your flaw, Rollins. While you are looking past me- past me and into your future... I can see you for what you are. Every flaw! Every mistake! All the things that you hide beneath the surface... well, YOU CAN'T HIDE THEM FROM ME! SO!- do you know what? I'm gonna do? I'm going to give you what you want. You want involved in this little war? Fine, come on in! I'll hold the damn door open for you and you can just come in and make yourself at home! Get REEEAAALLL comfortable! Because once you're in!... there is only ONE way out. And that is in the back of an ambulance! Because this fight, this WAR- it doesn't mean a thing to you! Not a God damned thing! It's just a opportunity for you to get famous, to taste that limelight! Well cone Concussion, I'll make sure you taste something else too! You'll taste my fist! My boot! Your own teeth!... and then once I slap you in the Stretch Muffler and you feel your joints pop and your bones snap!- then... you'll taste defeat! And that is a shameful taste that sticks with you for life, Rollins. And I'll give you a nice swig of it because I put you on your ass and OUT of this company! Because unlike you, this war... it means something to me. I'm tied to it in ways you just can't understand! So when we face this week, it's not about establishing myself! If I want to know how great I am, all I have to do is look into my half of the Tag Team Championships and that's all the reassurance I need! I don't need a moment of glory, not between us! This week it will be a moment of GORY! As gory as it can get! Because I told you Seth, this is a WAR! And like it or not, you're now a part of it! And it is my job to show you just what kind of roll you'll be playing. As I bust you up and beat you down, it's on me to paint a picture for your roll in this fight! And that isn't the roll of a leader... or even the roll of a soldier. It's the roll... of a victim. Of a casualty!"
Sami cracks his neck and leans down, lowering his Jack O'Lantern to the floor before rising up to face the camera.

"I've been given the task of disfiguring you- of PUNISHING YOU... for all the sins you have committed against my family! It's not the most pretty of jobs and you won't believe the kind of mess it makes- but it must be done! And I am the man to do it! I am the guy who is going to make an example out of you Rollins! To knock the stuffing out of you and to show the world that there will be consequences for those looking for a taste of the limelight or who want to enter this fight and try to play hero! Seth, war is Hell... and this week... I'm the devil! So come on, Mr. Architect, lets see you build a ladder to Heaven- a ladder to your own salvation! And when you climb it and feel the whole world shift underneath you and you come crashing down to reality! When you lay there broken and forgotten I'll only have one question to ask. Was it worth it? Was your fifteen minuets of fame worth it all, sticking your neck into a war- only to have your head taken off! Well I sure do hope so! I hope that is everything you dreamed it would be! Because when I am done with you- they won't look at you as 'Seth Rollins, The Future'... no, when they see what I've left of you they will rename you 'Seth Rollins, the FREAK!'... 'Seth Rollins, The monster'. It'll be my gift to you, consider your face a Halloween mask... that you won't be able to take off. Scaring all the neighborhood children. When I am done, Seth... no one will EVER be able to forget you. They will see your crippled remains in their nightmares. And in YOUR nightmares... you'll only be able to see me"
Callihan says as his upper lip curls into a sneer.

With that, Sami turns and takes Havok by the hand. The woman giggles like a nutcase as Sami slung her up over his shoulder and the two disappeared to go do... well only God know what in the old Callihan home. Not wanting to follow them, instead the camera fixed of Callihan's creation. A pumpkin carving that looked actually impressive given the crude material used; knives and fingernails.

The gruesome face on the Jack O'Lantern sent chills through fans. Not because it was spooky but because the reality set in, the reality that what they were looking at wasn't meant to be a monster... it was meant to be a futuristic portrait of Seth Rollins and what will be left of him when Callihan was done. And if this pumpkin was a sign of things to come... maybe Seth should consider burning his draft card and getting out of this war with the Switchblades as soon as possible. From the looks of it, they were looking to end this war and they didn't give a damn about the damage they caused- or more honestly, the bodies they leave in their path. The scene fades to black on the face of that wicked Jack O'Lantern Callihan had carved.


Name: Sami Callihan
Height/Weight: 5'10/207 lbs
Alignment: Heel
From: Last House on the Left
Gimmick: The New Horror
The Finisher: Stretch Muffler
Stable: The Switch Blades
Manager: Jessicka Havok
Allies: Dean Ambrose
Enemies: A Few

Roleplay #: 18
Event: Concussion
Venue: N/A
Next Match: vs. Seth Rollins

W/L/D Record: 11/04/02
Debut @ No Escape 2014
-Won Debut Match
-Wrestle Of the Week x2
-Math of the Week x3
-Main Event Concussion x4
-15 To Watch in 2015 (#9)
-Feast or Fired 2015 Participant
-Feast or Fired 2015 Winner
(Tag Title Briefcase)
Main Event PPV x1
Tag Team Champ (c)
-Dolph Ziggler
-Chris Sabin
-Kevin Steen
-Feast or Fired Participants
-Austin Aries
-The Ascension
-Daniel Bryan
-Sami Zayn
-Jimmy Jacobs
-Enzo Amore
-Seth Rollins
The Vaudevillians?
-No Escape 2014 (debut)
-Reigns vs. Gunner 2015
-Last Stand 2015
-Wrestle War 2015
-Super Clash 2015
-AEW 4 Year Anniversary
-Devils Night 2015
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