"Jeeeeeeeessssssssiiiiiiieeeee" the husky voice said in what was practically a hissing voice, like a bloated and sweaty python. It gave Havok the chills in a horrible sort of way. And something that was capable of rattling the nerves of Jessicka Havok- well, it had to be bad. The voice hissed her name again. "Jeeeeeeesssssssiiiiiiieeeeee" this time it was hot and sticky on the side of her neck. The breath reeked of beer with a slight hint of tobacco and that bad breath smell that you get from eating just before going to bed. Only it was a constantly. Stinging her nose and eyes, nearly drawing out tears. No- it wasn't his breath that brought out the tears, it was something else. Something bad. Something really, REALLY BAD. Just thinking about it made her veins burn with hate and her temper flared up like a house fire in a trailer park. That seemed to be a fitting location.

Havok could feel her hands tremble. No, that wasn't right. It wasn't just her hands that shook, but rather, her entire body. Her entire frame seemed to vibrate with whatever the emotions were that Jessie was trying to repress. Her will seemed to be slipping, like unseen cracks in her emotional walls. This was so not good. This was all building to something, and when that point was hit- look out world. But the voice wouldn't stop fucking with her. She could now practically feel greasy, nicotine stained fingers trying to grope her along her shoulders and down to her lower back. She was scared his dirty hands would ruin her dress. Her dress? That couldn't be right, she wouldn't be caught dead in one of those. But that is what Jessie remembered. She remembered the voice, the heavy petting, the trailing hand... the dress.

"Just give it up, Jessie... lllllllleeeeet goooo" the sinister voice cooed again and this time a few tears did fall. Havok suddenly felt weak and vulnerable. Feelings she swore she would choke down just like she use to choke down tea with her mother. The faker... the fraud. How she painted her face on and dabbed her neck with perfume that she couldn't really afford. Sipping tea through inherited china cups with her pink lifted- though not nearly as high as she lifted her nose. She kept the beak of hers lifted so high up it was amazing she didn't constantly have a nose bleed. And when she did get them, well... little darling Jessie knew it wasn't the altitude of her nostrils that caused them but the narcotics that she snorted up them. That is what really made all the smugness so hard to tolerate. Deep down, she was no better. The old woman was nothing more than a socialite who had married well below her means and thus fallen far from grace. She would never admit it to anyone- least of all herself. It didn't matter that they had went from a luxurious family home to a two bedroom duplex. It didn't matter that the walls were paper thin so that the could poured in... and you could hear everything that went on within the whole trailer no matter what room you were in- that didn't matter, it wasn't like she listened enough to care what happened in this living hell that pretended to be a home.

Havok got the chills again and gritted her teeth, her fists balling tightly so that the knuckles turned white. The chink and tink of the glass on the serving trays might as well have been nails on a chalk board. But it didn't bother her nearly as bad as the sound of her voice. That hit Jessicka someplace that felt like the pit of her stomach only deeper; and it seemed to be attached to her little black heart by a very thin string. The string, as small as it was, made everything this bitch said so very much worse.

"Jessicka! Proper girls sit up straight in their chairs!-" she said in a harpy-ish voice, so scornful and judgmental. And bitter... most of all it was bitter.

Just because the world had bent her mother over and gave it to her royally did not give this wicked witch the right to spit her venom in the face of little Jessie Havok. But the girl stood there with her pixie haircut and in her dress and stockings. Her fists were balled up tight and she practically shouted back at her mother.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Jessicka Havok: "Will you just shut the hell up and listen to me!? Mother, he tried to-" but whatever Havok was going to say, it was lost on this dreadful woman.

She wore her hair in a bun that was so sloppy that it frizzed like she had been electrocuted. And her wandering eye seemed to have a eye for the young 18 year old paper boy- no doubt tempter to rob the cradle if ever given the chance herself. Something like boundaries or youthful innocence ever stopped her husband from trying to dip his toe in the kiddy pool... so to speak. Now the voice of her mother lashed her like a whip of fire, stinging the flesh, blistering on impact and furthering the image of this cunt being a damn harpy.

"Now Jessicka! Proper girls do not shout! Proper girls only speak when they are spoken to! They are beautiful! Delicate! Graceful! Not ugly and nasty, like you! They don't come home with holes in their stockings! Looking like a tramp! Acting like a whore! And most of all- MOST OF ALL! GOOD! GIRLS! DON'T! LIE!" the voice had grown into an absolute roar not. A screech so ear splitting that Jessie reaching up and covered her ears and closed her eyes.

If her body shook before, now it vibrated to the point that she threatened to come apart at the seams. Flashing of things kept coming into her mind, Havok wasn't sure what to make of any of it. She could remember the smell of her step father's breath and his chubby digits and the way they felt so entitled to touch her. She could hear her mother's voice screeching in her ear, words no longer audible just one loud and annoying shriek. It rattled off of the walls of her mind, through her teeth and any filling she might have had, causing all of her visions to blur. She seen her father and how he would creep into her room. She remembered how her mother would accuse her of lying. But most of all... she remembered the knife. The kitchen knife that gleamed and shined, so clean and what a sharp edge it had. What a useful edge it had. Havok for just a moment could only think of the sharp edge of the knife and the sound of her parents screaming. Both of them were wailing now and Havok suddenly had this morbid sense of joy... or possibly it was freedom. Either way, Jessie hated herself for enjoying it. And for enjoying how good the red and sticky felt on her fingers once she managed to make them grow silent.

But in the back of her mind she could still hear cries and screams. Something wasn’t right- that was an understatement. Ever so slowly Jessicka Havok began to flutter her eyes open. The last tidbits of her dreams sinking back into her skull to lay dormant for another night. She could feel her eyes slightly sting and they were crusted like a couple of tears had actually fallen and caused her eyes to become crusty. Not bothering to muffle a yawn, she lifts her head from the backseat of the car and stretches. Her vision was still fuzzy and it was kind of hard to make out what all was going on. But instinctively Jessie reached out, took hold of her title belt she had been using as a pillow and slug it over her shoulder before attempting to make sense of it all.

She could make out what seemed like a mob of people running towards and around the car. They were the ones who had been screaming, not her parents in her dream- or at least that is what she was telling herself. In the passenger seat in front of her sat that tie-dyed haired bozo who hung out with them; Jeff Hardy. He had his back to Havok but one of his hands gripped the dashboard of the car. Sighing with disdain; Havok addresses him.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Jessicka Havok: "What's going on, Crayola head? What’s all the yelling about?" Havok asked, although her eyes scanned the car and the moment she didn't see Sami- she practically answered her own question.

Though, Jeff decided to take it upon himself to let her know anyways.

'The Charasmatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy: "Well, your boyfriend made it further than I thought. So, you know, maybe we should... I dunno, do something? Before they send in the ARMED security guards to do something instead? He’s starting to draw a crowd" he sounded a but nervous as he said that.

Of coarse Sami would draw an audience- how could he not his plan was just so, so... INSANE! Havok sighed and before she knew it both her and Jeff had gotten out of the car. Hardy was struggling with the camera equipment that Sami just insisted that they bring. But Jessicka Havok decided it was best to leave Jeff to deal with the technical stuff while she ran in the opposite direction of the fleeing park goers. Her eyes catching only one work on a sigh at the entrance of the park. One word in lifted and painted lettering that spelt out the word 'ZOO' and with a feeling like a rock dropping into the pit of her stomach, Havok had a good idea of where she could go to find Sami.


"We are Action News Now- and folks, we are here at the zoo where; well, you just will not believe it if you don't see it for yourselves! So stick with us because we are here, live, bringing you the story from cover to cover, as it breaks! And right now we are being told that... yes... a man has gotten over the rails and he is now IN the Bear's den! This situation has only gotten worse, and we are going to try and capture some of that footage for you viewers at home. We warn you- this could be graphic" the suave, polished voice of the anchorman said to the camera. His teeth looked big and blindingly white- his smile looking even more fake NOW, given the horrific events that are taking place, than it normally does on the channel 4 news.

All around the Action News Now crew, patrons of the park were running and screaming. Children carrying balloons and wearing hats shaped like animals and advertising different exhibits of The Zoo could be seen either hiding their faces in their parents chests or clinging desperately to the hands of their elders as they were led away from the chaos. The adults themselves had a bit of a maddened look in their eyes as they ran for cover with their children. No doubt ruining what many presumed would be a perfect day at the park. As the people ran they kicked up or left behind more than their carbon footprint- some dropping toys and gifts they had gotten, others leaving half eaten food or other knickknacks that they paid too much for at the gift shops behind. It's amazing how primitive people can become at just the hint of a little unlawfulness. This couldn't be reflected more magnificently than in the imagery of the park goers who remained.

These people, they were just the worst. A collection of the worlds' worst right in the eye of this shit storm that the media was hoping to cover. They collected together as close as they could get to the animal habitat where the chaos ensured. These people, they were the spectators of life’s 'oops' moments. They were the gawkers, the photo takers, the bloggers- you know the type. They are the kind of people who hold up traffic just to catch a glimpse of a car crash that is on the other side of the road. People who get their thrills from seeing the mutilated frames of others. Thrill seekers in search of a good shock to the system.

Well, they were sure getting that here tonight.

The Action New Now team had to shove and force their way through the collection of people that inhibited the approach of the anchorman. No, the news would have to wait their turn for a look at the action as pedestrians in the Zoo took videos and pictures of the scene with their phones. But at long last the Action News Now team had fought their way to the forefront and began to shoot again. The camera crew got their just in time to see things reach a new high, or low, depending on how you want to look at it. Several security guards were inside The Bear's Den in a half circle and were attempting to close in on something. They had their stun guns and tranquilizers drawn just in case. Why were they armed to the teeth like that? Well, one look at the security guard made it pretty clear why.

"Folks, I apologize for the severity of this image! The Bears seem to have gotten a hold of one of the crew members! Security is trying to neutralize the threat- but that seems to be harder than they had expected. And to think, this all started when one man decided to jump into the Den; armed with nothing but what appears to be a... well, it appears to be some kind of chair! The man still hasn't been identified yet, nor have his two associates who went into the Bear's Den after him. Oh- wait! Just one moment!... Yes... uh-huh... we have just been given word that the gentlemen with the colorful hair who is filming the encounter with the bear is none other the Attitude Era Wrestling superstar, Jeff Hardy. We repeat, one of the men down in the Den is professional wrestler, Jeff Hardy. His accomplices have yet to be identified" the anchorman said, trying his best to sound concerned despite advertising such violent images.

One of the bears has still tossing around one of the security team by the upper shoulder. His uniform was town and although the News crew blurred his face to protect his identity- it still did very little to hide the blood that stained his face or the cries of help that he managed to shout out from time to time. His fellow handlers wanted to help, but they had to remain cautious as they acted. Not just because they didn't want to upset the Bear any more, but because they also didn't want to upset the wild man who initiated this huge media mess of a moment.

The camera reluctantly pans away from the man caught in the maw of the bear and now it focused onto the morbid trio who occupied the attention of another Bear. This Bear hadn't mauled the man with the wild black hair yet; maybe because the man was holding a folding metal chair and kept slamming it into earth like he was loading up to blast the bear with it! PETA would go insane if he actually did. They were probably having a field day with it now, watching as the man with wild black hair and a scraggily beard shouted at the Bear who only roared back out of annoyance at him. At one side, the female of the group, the girl with a half shaved head and thick black eyeliner on, tried to speak sense to the man with the chair. The other guy, the one with the rainbow colored hair just kept filming. Having gotten into the Den, he had a better camera angle than any of the News teams on the site could of hoped to of gotten.

The Bear roared again and this time the Action News Now crew got a shot of it.

To the shock of all the viewers, the wild haired man dared to roar back at the animal. From along side him the spectators just barely caught what the woman was saying to him.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Jessicka Havok: "Sami, are you sure this.. ... ..." Havok attempted to say something, but just then the bear roared and it shut her up.

Callihan was in a world all his own, cocking his head to the side and lifting the chair while creeping a few steps towards the animal. When he spoke, Sami Callihan talked directly to the creature as though it could understand him. He snarled and spat with his words, like he too was an animal just waiting to lash out.


The Bear roars in defiance, and oddly enough, so does Sami Callihan as he lifts the chair up threateningly.


The Bear gave a deep, low growl and began to kick up a bit of dirty as it set eyes on Sami Callihan. It seemed like the time for talking, if there ever was such a time, was over. It was now all about nature of the beast. Havok & Hardy look between each other, Jeff silently urging Havok to stop him. So drawing in a breath she gives it a go. But talking to Sami when he was like this, even when his life was on the line, was like talking to a brick wall and you got just about as much of a response from the wall as she did for Callihan.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Jessicka Havok: "I don't think you should-" this wasn't Havok's day, because yet again she was ignored.

This caused her to grit her teeth and watch on like all the others. This really was Sami Callihan's side show- and the Bear had seen enough of the circus act. It was preparing to call Callihan out on his bluff. One final time the two of them, the man and the bear, roared at one another and then charged! All around the Bear's Den you could hear spectators gasp and some of them even screamed out in horror. The security team had barely been able to rescue one of their own, so naturally, the Zoo goers assumed that this wild haired idiot was Bear Chow. Right as the two were just about to collide, Sami Callihan with the chair lifted and in mid swing... the Action News Network cut away; giving all the spectators at home a nice look at the company logo instead of risking airing a man getting killed and eaten by a Bear. For the AEW fans who had recognized the trio who attempted this ignorant stunt all they could do was hold their breath and hope that the next episode of Concussion wasn't dedicated to Sami Callihan. For a long while, the fans just watched the logo of the News Station and hoped for the love of god it would come back on and confirm that everyone and everything was okay. But somehow, the fans just knew that it wasn't true... so all they could do was wait it out.


It had been several days since 'The Callihan Bear Incident' as people were starting to call it. From the moment it hit the air, wrestling fans had been glued to their screens to watch it all play out. The rest of the world might not of recognized Jessicka Havok & Sami Callihan; but the Attitude Era Wrestling faithful fans knew who that wild haired psychopath was the moment his troll-like head popped up on the screens of their televisions. Sure, it was 'strange' to see Havok & Callihan outside of AEW and on a different station... you know, like the Channel 4 News where the 'Action News Now' team was more than happy to capture every moment of this bizarre and freaky moment. Professional Wrestling being picked on or not being taken seriously in any form of media outside of the Wrestling World itself was nothing new. Everyone and their best friend wanted to make sure that every wrestling fan knew that 'wrestling is fake' that 'people really get hurt in the UFC and all wrestlers are, are men in tights who like to feel each other up. And everyone who enjoys wrestling is a fag'... so yeah, it is no secret that the sport of professional wrestling has always been looked down upon and used to humiliate their own fans.

But what happened at that Zoo, that wasn't wrestling. No one argued that it was 'fake' or 'scripted'. For the first time the real world seen that the men who are unstable in Attitude Era Wrestling might just be unstable in the rest of their lives as well. It was a refreshing dose of insanity that brought a smile to many wrestling fans faces just from reading the title. 'Havok & Destruction at the Zoo' ha ha ha, it practically screamed: JESSIE & SAMI WERE HERE! Many of the Switchblade Conspiracy fan base were exuberant to hear about how Sami Callihan had flipped his nut and tried to get into a cage and wrestle a bear. When questioned about it, all Dean Ambrose could do was laugh- but at least that was something. As for Hardy & Havok who had went on the expedition with Sami, they came back with little or no to say. Then again, what could they say? They were already calling this the ‘Chair Shot/Bear Shot that was heard around the world.

AEW must of done quick damage control because despite the chair shot, no other details had been released. All camera footage was scooped up and either burned or locked in the AEW vaults for future DVD release. You never know when 'The Self Destruction of Sami Callihan' might become a necessity. But for the time being, nothing more was being said on the subject. Fans would just have to sit back and wait.

Well, they wouldn't have to wait long. The Concussion house show was coming back from the commercial break, something the online fans were already sick of with youtube, but they put up with it this time. Well for one reason, it was a free show that fans could tune into online and get caught up on all the action. And another reason... the screen had dropped black and went static for a moment. When the picture returned it was still a bit grainy and rough, but that is what fans wanted to see. They had grown accustom to Callihan and is series of interruptions during shows. And after what went down with the Bear & the Chair, fans were more than happy to tune in to see just what The New Horror had to say.

The viewers get a look at both Jessicka Havok and Sami Callihan sitting together. Callihan had his head bowed and an empty pop bottle that he used to spit his chewing tobacco in. He did this several times before even acknowledge the camera in front of him. Giving the viewers a chance to quickly drink in the details of the dingy room. The splintering bench that he sat on, wide enough for Havok to side along side him and rest her head on his shoulder. The broken mirrors that looked like a bunch of teens had taken bats to them. A punching bag that was only held up by one chain while half of the bag drags and lays on the floor. Then there was the rusty and dusty free-weights and other various exorcise equipment from the 1920's. This is what the very first 'Golds Gym' must of looked like... back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

But fans weren't given too much time to gawk; Sami Callihan spit a bit of his dip into the bottle and began to speak in that gnarled and gritty white trash way that he does.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Sami Callihan: "Ya know... I can't do it. I just can't do it. I tried, the WHOLE WORLD SEEN ME TRY! SO YOU CAN'T SAY I DIDN'T- BECAUSE I DID!... even the folks with The News, and not just any news, but Action News Now- even those dip-shits seen me try! I tried and I tried and I tried..." Callihan shakes his head bitterly, or perhaps it was somberly.

Callihan rolled his head from side to side, loosening the muscles in his neck. Rolling his shoulders as if the stress just coiled inside of him. From over his shoulder Jessicka Havok ran a hand through her man-thing's hair to calm him. But it was no good. As Callihan spoke his voice slightly shoot with the emotions he was holding in. A sort of resentment that keeps threatening to bubble out to the surface.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Sami Callihan: "I tried to the point that I found myself face to face with a God damned Grizzly! Why!? I DON'T KNOW! IT'S BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT TOUGH GUYS DO!... They wrestle bears, and they lift weights, and-and-and they have those dumb ass handle bar mustaches and drink a glass of brandy when they come home from work! They smoke a carton of cigarettes and eat red meat! That is what men do! That is what a man does! So that... is what Sami Callihan did. I allowed myself to buy into what those Vaudevillians were preaching. I let myself get hooked on that Sherlock Holms, curly mustached, put up your dux garbage- and do you want to know what I learned? I learned that when you hit a Grizzly with a folding chair... IT DOESN'T GO DOWN! And what did that Bear learn? That even with a back full of tranquilizer darts... Sami Callihan DOESN'T... go down. It wasn't man versus nature, or man versus a beast... this was a beast against a beast! Nature against nature! Animal against Animal... on that day I learned that none of us are 'Men'- not really. Throughout all the pinky lifting when you drink your tea!- Under all that brandy breath and cigar smoke... it's not the heart of a man that beats within our chests. What we are, it's something primitive. Something DANGEROUS! I know that now- I COULD FEEL IT! IT PUMPED IN ME VEINS AND FUELD ME! It was then that I began to understand just how different we truly are" Callihan says, his words trailing off as he lifts his eyes to the camera.

From behind him, Havok lightly kisses along his cheek as she adjusts her half of the tag titles on her shoulder.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Jessicka Havok: "I like different" Havok cooed into Sami's ear with a bit of a devilish grin. "That makes you more rare... more valuable, particularly for me. They can not duplicate my Sami- he is unique. An original, like a piece of art. And just like art, people don't understand you until you come close to death. Only then do they see your true value. But not me, I see it constantly. What makes you different from Aiden English and Simon Gotch- whatever it is, it is the spark that has gotten us these titles. And it has sustained us this far. So believe me, darling, when I say that those two clowns in leotards will NOT snuf that out! And they will not take anything away from us. We won't let them, will we?" she asked as she stroked his cheek with a black painted fingernail.

Callihan furiously shook his head no before going on.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Sami Callihan: "Not no way! Not no how! It's like I said, I looked the bear in the face- and I hit it with a chair! Fuckin gave Yogi a Concussion! And when I was in that cage, I didn't see Aiden English or Simon Gotch! I didn't see them lifting those dumbbells or doing squats with wild and exotic animals strapped to their backs! I didn't see anyone! Well, unless you count those security guards that one Bear was tossing around, I seen a few of those! OH!- and I also seen Jessicka Havok right in there with me! Proving that the manliest of men... is a woman. But me and Jessie, see, we stood our ground! We went out and we did the real thing! While you two only 'pretend' to be the Macho Man, I went out and did it! I tried to conform to your world, and what I seen... it made me sick! You two want to call us toxic!? YOU WANT TO HATE ON US!?... you want to play games and pretend like you stand a chance in this little match of ours, then fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! We'll let you two Menagerie rejects pretend like you really understand what is going on here. You can keep playing those games, and telling those lies to yourselves. But just know, JUST KNOW! THAT YOU CAN NOT!!!... lie to me. Not anymore. I'm onto you, boys! I've got your number! I've figured you out! Because when it is all said and done, this is just a gimmick to you! You live this 'Manly Life' from 9 to 5 and then you clock out! You go home! It's done! Well sorry to tell you fellas, MY MASK DOESN'T COME OFF! I DON'T JUST GET TO STOP BEING SAMI CALLIHAN! This isn't pretend to me!... and neither is this" he says as he then hoists his half of the tag titles.

It was now Jessicka Havok who faced the camera, making sure that the viewers can see her half of the tag titles, too, as she speaks.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Jessicka Havok: "Just little boys playing pretend. Dressing in their Grandpa's clothing, trying to imitate their fathers... imagining what they will be when they grow up. It all sounds just so... pathetic. But it does have me wondering, what is going to happen to them? What is going to happen when Simon Gotch and Aiden English step into that ring; their masculinity on the line against our Tag Team titles! What is going to happen once they find themselves on the mat, bleeding... crying... suffering; at it comes at the hands of a woman. Can they take that kind of public castration? Or will they play this 'classic gentlemen' roll to the very end, and just stand there and take it? Just letting me bludgeon them senseless until the ring looks like a child's finger-painting. I want to know if those two cowards can get over themselves long enough to face me. Because I don't think they can, I think they lack the spine to stand up to me. They will call it being masculine, refusing to strike me back, but I will consider it ignorance and natural selection. They will have the choice to either fight... or die. Walking out with the titles just isn't going to happen, that is something English and Gotch have to accept now. They are not going to climb the ladder of success here in AEW! This week all they can hope to do is hold onto it and try not to fall all the way back down. There is a reason that we are the most feared tag team in AEW history!- and this match will only contribute to it. A legend built on fact. A match spawned from equality. The equality we have in this company to ignore genders and just obliterate one another! And that is what we are going to do! Obliterate them... and leave nothing behind. Because if they want these Tag Team Championship belts... they will have to pull them from our cold, dead fingers! And to keep these titles- well, do you even have to ask? The VaudvIdiots- we are going to make an example of the two of you. Something that once you walk back into the locker room... no one will want to challenge us again" Havok smiled so heartlessly as she said this that it gave the viewers chills.

Sami Callihan sneers that ugly snarl of his into the camera, spitting his dip this time directly onto the floor and wiping his mouth on the back of his hand as he speaks; using his free hand to hold onto the title on his shoulder.

'1/2 Tag Champions' Sami Callihan: "Vaudevillians, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into your world. And this week, on Devil's Night! When the dark, the grotesque and the horrific rules the night!- all I can ask is for you to return the favor. Come on fellas, step into my world. Come to the New Horror's playground and see if you can make it through the night- because I don't think you can cut the mustard! So I challenge you to try! JUST TRY!- who knows... you just might like what you learn about yourself. And you might just fear... what you learn about us" Callihan says with a grim smirk.

And with that, Sami Callihan and Jessicka Havok rise to their feet. The Satanic Couple hold hands and walks off towards the camera so that the closer they got the better view people had of their Tag Team Titles before they eventually walks off past the camera man; leaving viewers with a shot of the gym that time forgot and the ruthless and merciless works of Havok & Callihan ringing in our thoughts. Devils Night was being to shape up, like it very well could live up to it's name. Because one thing was for sure, when Jessicka Havok and Sami Callihan come to town... the demons will be out to play.