"The Boss's Warning"

Scene Number::001
Scene Location ::Locker Room
Status :: OFF Camera

His steps echoed down the hall. The eyes of crew members quickly averted when they looked up to see who those steps belonged to. Just a quick glance up before heads all around dropped and went right back to work. Rolling up cables, packing up cameras and various cases full of all the other equipment that is required to put on a spectacular pay per view like 'Redemption'. With the hostility around the main event lingering in the air like a toxic fog; crew hands and other faceless AEW employees rush feverishly around, practically holding their breath as to not breath in that poisonous aroma of chaos and self destruction. The same fumes that wafted into GWF and tainted them, those feelings that all it will take is the strike of a match and the whole company would go up in flames. Too many people relied in this job, no... they NEEDED this opportunity, with the wrestling world dwindling down to only a few remaining landmarks and promotions- well, it goes without saying that when this sort of thing happens, when the wrestling world begins to shake and feel unstable... they don't like it. It frightens them.

Just like it frightened them to see those who are at the center of it, those who are to blame for the instability come walking down the hallways now. Some of the crew men wanted to throttle them; watching as both Jessicka Havok and Sami Callihan supported the bruised and slightly staggering Dean Ambrose. The duo making sure that his swaying steps kept him heading in the right direction. Now that the match was over- as they took down parts of the cell back at ringside as the fans pile out; in the locker room area, it had become a mad dash to take the show down and get out of dodge. A feeling a brooding trouble spreading from person to person. Inspiring them to work faster.

Only... it wasn't fast enough. As Dean, Sami and Jessie were just about to reach the superstar locker room area- from behind them the curtains come bursting open and here comes Samoa Joe with a mob of security behind him! The guards were struggling to keep Joe back, but they didn't seem to be doing that well. It didn't help that Roman Reigns was there, helping to free Joe of the guards by taking a few out as well. They were making such noise that it instantly alerted The Switchblades. Dean and Sami rounded first, both men looking a little delighted to see Joe and Roman who are fighting through the mob of people. Dean, who looked just as battle warn and exhausted as Joe- wasted no time rounding back and going into the mob of security and wrestlers. Next was Havok and Callihan as they both follow Dean back into the carnage. Joe and Dean could hardly reach each other, managing to get in a few more jabs as the security members seemed to increase with every passing moment.

Finally there seemed to be a good thirty men and women, not counting the violent handful of wrestlers who were hell bent to get their hands on each other. Eventually security managed to get The Death Machines; Havok and Callihan, pinned up against a wall. Roman Reigns was pinned under a good ten men. And the rest were fighting to keep Samoa Joe and Dean Ambrose apart. Both men snarling and fighting to swing at one another- but it wasn't until the voice of Authority booms out that things manage to come to a stop.

'THE LAW of AEW' Ronda Rousey;
Rousey demands, but her words are ignored for a moment.

The authority of AEW tries it again, this time muscling herself between the chaos as she shouts again.

'THE LAW of AEW' Ronda Rousey;
"I mean it! If this doesn't stop- everyone involved will be fired on the spot!"
now that seemed to get their attention.

Havok & Callihan stopped chewing on security and despite looking between one another with hate in their eyes... even Dean, Joe and Reigns calm down. Their chests all rising and dropping, but they force themselves to listen to Ronda Rousey as despite how badly they seek to get a hold of each other.

'THE LAW of AEW' Ronda Rousey;
"You know, from the moment I took over around here; you... you... ALL OF YOU!- You've been a real pain, do you know that!? From... day... one! And I've had enough of it- from the both of you!"
she shouts, now looking between the Switchblades and the Samoan Dynasty.

Ronda is practically seething now as she speaks again.

'THE LAW of AEW' Ronda Rousey;
"That is why- at the four year anniversary show... we are going to put an end to this. We will put an end to it in one of the most magnificent, brutal... and memorable moments in all of AEW. Because it will be The Switchblades going not only against Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns... and how about Seth Rollins, you are fond of him, aren't you Dean? Yeah- how about those three, you Switchblades... and... hmmm, how about The Beat Down Clan? Yeah- that sounds about right. Hmmmm, and how about those Sons of Sandow? I bet they don't have any plans for that night. So in one night- I will see all of these little gang wars come to an end. You can all get it out of your systems them- you can kill each other and the ratings will go through the roof for it! So, I hope you gentlemen... and lady"
she nods to Havok. "I hope you all have a nice ride back to your hotel rooms. Because the next time you all see each other... All of this? It's done!... good night" Ronda says, turning and leaving the mess of people where they are.

Security seems less eager to move or let these people go. A sort of thick tension growing in the air as they all look between each other, knowing that their date with destiny has been signed. At the 4 Year Anniversary of Attitude Era Wrestling... War was about to happen. The war to end all wars.

"This Was Meant To Be"

Scene Number::002
Scene Location ::Unknown Parking lot
Status :: ON Camera

The scene opens up with a shot of... well, an empty parking lot. Then again, to call it 'empty' wouldn't be quite fair. It was an ocean of black top with a single, solitary car in the middle of it. Parked in a way so that it took up two spaces, as though the owner of the vehicle didn't want to waste an opportunity to be a dick despite their being no other cars around. The sun beat down from the sky, casting shades of oranges and to cause more polished parts of the car to be blinding. But the camera man would simply have to endure it. He crept closer to the car; no, he crept closer to where 'THEY' were. The one with wild black hair sat on the black top with his back to the tire and what looked like some kind of bug caught in his hands. The other- the sandy blond one, he laid stretched out over the hood and the glass front windshield with one arm behind his head and the other resting on his stomach. His scruffy face was calm and at peace, despite his wild friend occasionally scooting and slapping the black top in hopes of catching his bug buddy again. Callihan was like that, constantly distracted by strange things. But Dean, he had grown use to it. And now the loss of the strange and abnormal presence of Sami Callihan bothered him. He had come to trust the devil that he knew, as appose to the one that he didn't.

The camera man crept closer, catching this rare glimpse of Dean Ambrose and Sami Callihan, in the parking lot just outside of the arena. Too early for the rest of the superstars to be there. Then again, word had gotten out about what had gone down at Redemption- a fight between The Samoan Dynasty and The Switchblades... so maybe keeping Dean and Sami away from the other superstars wasn't such a bad thing. It might be the only way this main event could even take place. By forcing the talent apart like warring countries that can not share the same piece of property. And what was that piece of property? Well- that should be obvious... it was Attitude Era Wrestling itself.

As the camera man got closer, as if on cue- a faint smirk pulls at the corner of Ambrose's mouth. He kept his eyes closed, although Callihan perked up and gave the unwanted intruder a snarling glair- his cruel eyes following the camera man as he got closer and closer. This made the camera man nervous, like he might decide against all of this and just make a run for it back to the arena. But that idea was a 'no go' because as soon as he got close enough... Dean began to speak

"It amazes me, how far some people will go to validate themselves"
he says thoughtfully, still not bothering to open his eyes.

He draws in a deep breath and slowly exhales before he continues.

"Some people are so desperate to be validated... or immortalized... or even just remembered that they will allow themselves to take credit for things that they didn't even do. It's pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! And do you want to know the worst part? I've allowed it... no, WE'VE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN!"
Dean now shouts in that unstable way of his.

Dean swings his legs around so that they hang over the edge of the car; nearly kicking poor Sami in the side of the head. Callihan didn't seem to notice of care, he was too interested in the beetle that crawled in-between his fingers. But a spark or a sort of FIRE seemed to develop in Ambrose and very soon he was off of the car and onto his feet. Giving the viewers a good look at him in his tank top, leather jacket and tattered jeans. It was hard to tell if he was dressed to wrestle or if this was simply he second set of skin. The scruffy face of Dean Ambrose sneered as he locked eyes on the camera and he started to speak again.

"The Switchblades, see... we've always been here. In one form or another, you could find us. Whenever there was a change in Attitude Era Wrestling; whenever there was a WAR!- hey, we were there. You might of called us Project Mayhem... or maybe The Devils Rejects; the name isn't really all that important. What is important is the fact that almost all of the ugly scars or skeletons in the closet of Attitude Era Wrestling... WE PUT THEM THERE! SAMI CALLIHAN!-DEAN AMBROSE!; WE ARE THE MONSTERS THAT HAVE ALWAYS...and will always disfigure this company. Going wayyyy beyond just being two creepy guys with a pain fetish, we have become a symbol in this company! A symbol that those with power fear and turn a blind eye to... and a symbol that the faithful carve into their skin! The fact is, AEW- when it comes to a war... we've always been there. And we've ALWAYS delivered! You can not deny it! So when little 'Princess Ronda' thought the was having some awesome epiphany, like she had somehow connected the dots to this great cosmic puzzle! WHEN SHE THOUGHT SHE HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT- THE FACT IS- SHE DOESN'T KNOW SHIT! NOT A GOD DAMNED THING! BECAUSE IF SHE DID!-... ... ... she would know that the LAST thing AEW wants... is a war"
Dean said with no sympathy in his voice.

Callihan now rises to his feet, his dark and deep circled eyes fixing on the camera. Viewers watch as Sami lets the bug crawl between his fingers before his fist tightly squeezes shut and a crunch sound follows! This turns the stomachs of some viewers, and if it did not- maybe when Sami licked his palm clean it would do the job. Again, Dean did not seem bothered by any of this. He absentmindedly reaches out and grips Callihan by the shoulder and gives him a reassuring shake before speaking once more.

"AEW would have you think that the company is divided. That all of these people are starting to just 'squad up' and take what they want like a pack of wild dogs! Well I say- OPEN YOUR FUCKIN EYES! If you want to go back to when I won the Elimination Chamber- we can take it there. If you want to go back to when Bram stiffed me; FINE! We can take it there, too! Or how about we take it back to when it really got interesting? How about we go back to Superclash 2015, do you remember that? You should- AEW hasn't stopped talking about 'Super Clash 2016' like it was some kind of trick they could whore out for a couple extra bucks. Or maybe, they do want you to forget about it. What should of been a beacon of hope and a promise for the future... I turned into a night of living hell! And don't you listen to all those losers in the back trying to take credit for it. Because it was me- I DID IT! After months of being a damn stepping stone- I HAD ENOUGH! I HAD ENOUGH- AND I DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"
Dean shouts, spit flying from his mouth towards the camera.

"Night in, and night out... I tried to do what was best for my friends. I tried to be a good guy- I really did. But every time I offered up a hand... someone would hit me, or kick me, or spit in my face! OR DRIVE MY SKULL INTO THE MAT! IT STARTED TO REALLY PISS ME OFF!... But most importantly, I started to see who my friends are. And it wasn't Roman Reigns who was watching my back... it was Sami Callihan. And Jessicka Havok. And now, Jeff Hardy. I took a look around me and I seen first hand just who REALLY CARRREEED about Dean Ambrose. Believe me... it wasn't a long list. But what ISSSSS a long list... are the list of guys who now stand in my shadow. Who try and take credit for what I have done! Guys like MVP!"
he says this name like it left a bad taste in his mouth.

Dean begins to take a few steps towards the camera now.

"MVP!? Who gave him that honor!? He hasn't accomplished anything! He isn't the Most Valuable ANYTHING! That nickname is a lie! Faults-freaking-advertising! And now this piece of shit thinks he can stake claims to what the Switchblades have done!? NO WAY! NO! NO! NO! IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I WON'T ALLOW IT! I'LL-"
Sami starts to get all worked up.

Ambrose reaches out and pats Sami on the head like he was some kind of morbid bet, reassuring his brother in madness that they had everything under control.

"You're right, we won't allow him to. Because M.V.P- he isn't a champion. He barely counts as a leader. Because if he was- he would see that only fools underestimate Dean Ambrose and his Switchblades. He wouldn't talk about us as though we didn't belong, like we some how snuck an invitation to this little party from hell! Montel, or whatever the hell your name is- I want you to do something! I want you to close your eyes, thinking past all the fog and smoke that gets blown up your ass!- but close your eyes and take yourself back! Back to Superclash! Back to when you laid flat on your face, the World Title long out of your reach! I want you to remember that night, and then open your eyes and look around you! You will see, nothing has changed! NOTHING! You are still laying on your face! Still at the bottom of the barrel with your 'Beat Down Clan' where the only threat in the group goes by the name of KONG! .... not MVP. Do you know why that is? Because it doesn't matter if the company is WWE, TNA, New Japan... or even Attitude Era Wrestling. You, MVP... you are nothing! Just a clump of something that is stuck to the bottom of my boot! And come Concussion, you are going to lead the only people dumb enough to believe in you, to trust in you... to follow you; you are going to lead them into a massacre! You think your little tussles with 'The Sons of Sandow' was bad? THAT ISN'T SHIT COMPARED TO WHAT WE WILL DO TO YOU! YOU CAN'T... you can't begin to understand. But little by little... drop of blood by drop of blood.... broken bone by broken bone- you all will come to understand. This isn't the first war for the Switchblades... and it will not be the last"
Dean warns ominously before cracking his neck from side to side.

Callihan pipes up again, his upper lip curled back and his eyes darting around the parking lot as though he could see them coming at him. A violent shiver runs through his body as he shouts.

"WAR! MEANS! CASULTIES! And Sami Callihan is no casualty! I am a deciding factor! A landmine, just waiting to blow your damn foot off if you step on me! Luke Harper- come at me! I beg you! Get close enough so I can rip that beard off and shove it down your throat- you Bray Wyatt wanna be! And you better keep old man Jake away too, because we Switchblades are not above beheading a snake! OH! AND MISTER ANDERSON! The Asshole of AEW! Well, Mr. Asshole! I am Sami Callihan- the BOOT OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IN A FIGHT, BOOTS KICK ASSHOLES RETARDED! JUST STOMPING AND KICKING! OVER! AND OVER! AND OVER AGAIN, UNTIL i AM KNEE DEEP IN ANDERSON AND THE REF HAS TO PULL ME OUT! By the time I am done... you will be nothing more than another Dead Kennedy! PERIOD!"
Callihan snarls into the camera again like a wild man.

This brings a smirk to Dean's face, something none of the other wrestlers of the viewers like to see.

"Kurt Angle- a man who would snap his neck just from looking to the left! Another has been, washed up, Attitude Era Retirement Home Reject! Don't think I have forgotten about you! Just because 'Attitude Era' is in the name, that doesn't mean you actually BELONG here! Because you don't! You are just another old man who is holding on past his prime, bleeding this sport dry and taking opportunities that you no longer deserve! It will be a privilege for me to break your fingers- one at a time, until that grip of yours gives and you fall into obscurity where you belong! Your day has passed, cue-ball! And just like the old war horse you like to think of yourself as- at Concussion you get to ride into battle one more time! One more moment of glory before I decapitate you and lay you to rest! I just hope... you leave me that gold medal in your last Will and Testimony- after breaking you the way I do!... you'll owe it to me! I am giving you what you've always wanted! That patriotic, die in battle, colors flying... I am giving you the death that you want! That death that you dream of! No one else in this match gets to be so lucky! But you... this will be something special, Angle. In an ocean of bloody and broken jobbers... you're fall from grace, will be one for the ages! I promise you that. I'm going to disfigure you so badly... it will be the stuff of legends!"
Callihan then hocks back and spits on the ground, showing just how unsophisticated he was. But his words rang true all the same.

Dean gives his friend a knowing look and Sami draws back, butting his anger in check and allowing Dean to speak freely again as he faces the camera man.

"AEW, take a good look at us. My family and I... we're ready for this. We've been ready for this for quite some time now. In fact, maybe there is a small part of us that has ALWAYS wanted this! Wanted a chance to show all of these people just who the hell we are! And when it comes to playing WAR- get real, there is NO ONE as good at it as we are! No one! GWF found that out... we burned that place to the ground and watched them all come running to the safety of AEW like rats on a sinking ship. Only- they don't know. None of them know! They won't find safety here! It doesn't exist! It's just another delusion! Like this shared delusion that everyone in the Sons of Serpents and the Beat Down Club hold onto like it is their fuckin' Bible! These people, they all take one look at us and they see nothing! They even question why we're involved in the first place! Like they forgot that Roman Reigns didn't LOSE THE WORLD TITLE-... I took it! Not MVP or any of his boys! I did! I was the man who dethroned that paper Champion! And I am the man who made another one in the same night by letting Sandow take the title and leave! In one night I changed the history of the company! ME! And ever since then... everyone has been taking claim for it. The Sons of Serpents, they can't even keep a steady leader because of me! The Beat Down Clan, ha ha ha- COME ON! WHO ARE THEY BEATING DOWN!? NOBODY! ... that's who"
Dean says with a grin.

He runs a hand through his wild mess of hair before speaking again.

"And then... there is Samoa Joe. Who, the last that I can remember, not only got his ass handed to him by yours truly in a match that HE MADE THE RULES FOR!- ha, ha, ha, but the best part was... I wasn't the one who pulled the trigger on him. Oooohhh no, this wouldn't be AEW if it was that simple! Joe, you stuck your fat nose in mine and Roman Reigns' business... and Roman busted you right in the kisser for it! Your own boy- the man you were meant to defend and honor! HE PUT YOU ON YOUR ASS! What does that tell you, Joe? How does it make you feel to look over your shoulder and know that the two men who are suppose to watch your back this week... are two men whom I know quite well. Two men who, oddly enough, use to be like brothers to me. And one of them- well, Redemption speaks for itself, doesn't it? The real question is simply can you trust them? You got two thirds of 'The Shield' behind you, and one of them has already knocked you the hell out! So I ask you again, CAN YOU TRUST THEM!? BECAUSE I SURE HOPE YOU CAN!- I sure hope so, because if not... it would mean that everything you have said and done so far, all of this strange loyalty you felt in your bones as you watched me take away Roman Reigns hopes and dreams... it would all be for nothing. And you will end up out cold again, and forgotten... just like everyone else in this match who gets in our way. When you look around the ring tonight you will see the ugliest of truths; that NONE OF YOU ARE READY FOR THIS! NONE OF YOU ARE AS UNIFIED! AS SKILLED! YOU ALL ARE NOT MADE TO LAST IN A WAR LIKE THIS! A WAR... against us. Concussion... the line in the sand has been drawn. And The Switchblades.... we are coming.... to hurt you"
Ambrose says without regret in his voice.

The final words of Dean Ambrose ring out over the empty parking lot. The camera man deciding that he has had enough 'alone time' with The Switchblades starts to back up away from Sami Callihan and Dean Ambrose. The image of them becoming smaller and smaller as the scene eventually fades to black as well